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Door Dash Review + Discount Code

Door Dash Delivery

Most days I have a dinner plan in place and the weekly grocery shopping has been done so the supplies are in the pantry. But some days, that just doesn’t happen. Some days the boys and I are in the middle of doing things and no one wants to stop and those days we get take-out dinner. Most places we order from are pretty standard take-out food joints, but I just tried Door Dash, which will bring you food from really good restaurants nearby. Score! Scroll down to see the discount code you can use!

UPDATED: this discount code is no longer valid.


Door Dash Delivery

Now open in Santa Monica, Venice and Marina del Rey, this Silicon Valley-based startup is actually celebrating their 1-year Anniversary and got a nice big round of venture capital last fall, so look for the name – and the service – to be coming to your neck of the woods soon.

Great restaurants in Venice, Marina del Rey Santa Monica Door Dash

The idea is that Door Dash will provide delivery from restaurants that have chosen not to focus on that or that can’t afford a delivery staff. Door Dash doesn’t employ a large delivery staff, either; rather they are using a shared-economy, “uber-esque” model: regular people sign up to drive the food from the restaurant to the dinner table for a fee and tips. “Hey, I’m driving that way anyway, why not make a few bucks while I’m at it?” I suppose that’s how the thinking works.

Friday night my husband was working late, I was getting the house ready for in-laws the next day and I didn’t want to cook, so I ordered food delivered for me and the kids.

Door Dash to the rescue, because one kid wanted pizza and the other wanted sushi, and I’m with the sushi kid on this one. We ordered something from Fresh Brothers in the Marina, and from Hama Sushi in Venice. While Fresh Brothers does their own delivery as well, I would never in million years have thought we could order from Hama. It was pretty exciting.

Fresh Brothers Pizza

Hama Sushi Dinner

There are tons of great restaurants in my area that Door Dash will deliver from, including Café Gratitude, Joe’s and Josie, and I bet they’ll keep adding ones all the time.


Excellent Customer Service

The best part is the customer service. I ordered online and promptly got an email confirming my order. I was able to pick the time I wanted my food delivered, which is great for a planner like me. Then I got a text once my order had been picked up at the restaurant, and then another text once my delivery driver was close to my house. It was great to get the updates like that, since sometimes delivery people seem to get lost on the way to my house…

door dash screenshot - order confirmation

One text mentioned I had already paid the driver’s tip online, and I hadn’t realized that had happened, so I texted back to question it. Within minutes I had a phone call from Door Dash headquarters to explain it all. I felt like a dummy for not understanding that part of the check-out process, but their customer service was fantastic.

door dash texts - great customer service

Our dinner arrived (from 2 different restaurants, no less) slightly earlier than the scheduled time, which is perfect for a couple of hungry boys like mine – not to mention just plain impressive on a Friday night in LA – and the Hama order was brought to us by a lovely young woman named Jacquelyn.

Our lovely delivery gal named Jacquelyn - door dash

We enjoyed our dinner of pizza and sushi (don’t judge our food and we won’t judge yours) delivered by Door Dash and we’re very happy to have them around.

Door Dash Discount Code

Use the code momsLA and you’ll $7 off your next delivery! For first time customers, the code will get you $7 off and a free delivery. The code can be redeemed at

UPDATED: this discount code is no longer valid.

Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of This post is part of a sponsored campaign and her first Door Dash experience was comped.



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  1. Stevie Wilson 6 July, 2014 at 10:20 Reply

    What an amazing way of having great food that caters to a variety of tastes (including the personal requests of those ordering) to have great food delivered at a specific time!

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