Dr. Ken and The Goldbergs Halloween Specials And Set Visit

Ken Jeong on the set of Dr. Ken

Every day I feel a little sadder that my boys are growing up. I’m not sure quite how to deal with it, but after watching the Halloween episodes of Dr. Ken and The Goldbergs, I know that I’m not alone. Both episodes were about Halloween, but at the heart was the story of a relationship between a mother and her growing son.

Dr. Ken’s Halloween special, “D.K.’s Korean Ghost Story,” that airs tonight is about how Allison feels rejected by her son Dave because he doesn’t want to dress up with her for Halloween. She tries to scare him so he’ll snuggle with her, but he says he’s too old now. But once D.K., Dave’s grandfather, tells a Korean ghost story about a boy lost in the woods, Dave is more than willing to run to his mom. Here’s a clip:

I’ve been looking at old pictures of my boys (thank you, Facebook memories) and it seems like just yesterday that I could dress them up in whatever Halloween costume I wanted and carry them around. Now that they’re tweens, they won’t wear what I suggest or do what I want them to do sometimes.

The Goldberg’s was along those lines as well. Beverly finds a horror story that Adam wrote and she knows it’s so much better than that “Stefan King.” She gives his manuscript to her book club and is horrified to find out that the monster in the story is actually her. It’s genius and why I love her character so much. She loves unconditionally, maybe it is in the smothery way, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

We saw the Halloween episodes during a set visit to both shows on Monday and the group of us were able to interview Adam Goldberg, the creator of the Goldbergs, about his real mother and what it was like having that kind of love and attention growing up. We also talked to Ken Jeong about his parenting style.

Adam Goldberg, creator of The Goldbergs, on the set of The Goldbergs with a group of bloggers during a set visit

Adam Goldberg (center, holding transformer) with a group of bloggers in the show Adam’s bedroom on the set of The Goldbergs

You can listen to both of those interviews below on the MomsLA Podcast.

We had such an amazing day on the set of both shows. Sean Giambrone gave a us a tour and showed us his fictional classroom, locker and bedroom. He was delightful, funny and very nice.

We also talked to the adorable Albert Tsai and Krista Marie Yu who play siblings on the show and seem to be close friends in real life.

Krista Marie Yu and Albert Tsai on the set of Dr. Ken

Dr. Ken’s Halloween episode airs tonight and The Goldberg’s Halloween episode airs October 26th. Here’s a clip for the Goldbergs “Stefan King” episode.

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