Starfish at beach in Santa Barbara (photo by Yvonne Condes)

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Starfish at beach in Santa Barbara (photo by Yvonne Condes)

Growing up in Tucson there was no such thing as sleepaway camp. That was for the New England kids that I had read about in books. Our version of camp was walking through the desert in the 100 plus degree summer sun to each other’s houses where we would watch soap operas or swim in someone’s pool.

My boys’ childhood is much different than mine was and they’re exposed to what I could only have dreamt about as a kid: New York, Yellowstone, Disneyland, Disneyworld, and road trips to national parks from Yosemite to Zion. We’ve done these trips together and never once did I consider sending them off to camp alone….for weeks!

Then a friend talked about the great time her kids had at Catalina Island Camp. The sleep-away camp is on the island and you can only get there by boat. This sounds exotic and exciting to me, but as a mom who never went to camp it’s also scary. My boys who are 7 and 9 watched this video below and all they saw was adventure. They can’t wait to go someday. The camp is for boys and girls entering grades 2 through 11.

The camp offers ziplining, kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, campfires, and the priceless experience of at least a week without parents. It might sound scary to me to send my kids away to camp, but I think the memories they would leave with and the independence they would gain would be worth it.

This is a sponsored post. I’m writing this as an entry to win a week at Catalina Island Camp. All opinions are my own.



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