Easy Ice Cream Dessert Idea for 4th of July

Easy Red, white & Blue Ice Cream

This is an easy dessert idea for 4th of July, or for any day you’d like to eat semi-homemade ice cream! I’ve made a fun, festive ice cream dessert for my family’s 4th of July BBQ that involves simply two half-gallons of vanilla ice cream, two cups of fresh strawberries and two cups of fresh blueberries. And it’s super easy!

Easy Red, white & Blue Ice Cream

Start with one half-gallon of vanilla ice cream and let it soften for about 20 minutes at room temperature. Mix one half of it in your standing mixer, with a hand mixer, or even by hand, until it becomes creamy.

vanilla ice cream

Clean and slice one cup of the fresh strawberries, and then mash them a little bit to get the juice flowing. (You’ll reserve the second cup of strawberries for serving.)

strawberries getting mashed

Add the strawberries to the creamy vanilla ice cream, and mix for another 30 seconds. Store your semi-homemade strawberry ice cream in a freezable container.

strawberries getting mixed in to vanilla ice cream

strawberries mixed in to vanilla ice cream

Rinse out the mixer bowl and repeat the creaming technique for the other half of the vanilla ice cream, and then add one cup of the blueberries that you’ve washed. Mix them into the vanilla ice cream for 30 seconds, then store your semi-homemade blueberry ice cream in a freezable container. (Again, you’ll reserve a cup of the blueberries for serving.)

blueberries getting mixed in to vanilla ice cream

blueberries mixed in to vanilla ice cream

Stash the semi-homemade ice cream in the freezer for at least two hours.

storing ice cream mixtures in the freezer until ready to serve

30 minutes before serving, take the strawberry, vanilla and blueberry ice creams out of the freezer to soften up. Scoop out one of each kind into each bowl and garnish with fresh berries.

And there you have it: Red, White & Blue ice cream. Perfect for the 4th of July! Enjoy!red white and blue ice cream - perfect for 4th of July

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