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Los Angeles Education Fair 2020

Welcome to the 2020 VIRTUAL Los Angeles Education Fair, hosted by and MomsLA. We’re here to showcase terrific educational options for 2021 and give you great tips for helping your kids thrive throughout distance learning.

November 7th, 2020 LIVE on Facebook and Zoom

The Fair will be showcased here on this page, plus we’ll be LIVE on Facebook and Zoom, with breakout Zoom Rooms for live Q&A, giving you multiple ways to access the info and get what you need.

We are bringing in trusted expert panelists, we’ll hear from terrific schools and enrichment programs, as well as leading health and wellness brands – plus we’ll be giving away great prizes!

LA education fair november 7th on facebook and zoom

Platinum School + Program Partners

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Los Angeles Education Guide
Click over to our Education Guide to keep the learning going!

Schedule of Live Events for Saturday, November 7th

Facebook LIVE event – Details

Join MomsLA and SoCalMoms Founders LIVE on Facebook Saturday, November 7th, at 12pm PT. We’ll be joined by expert panelists, and we’ll be giving away great prizes.

Meet our Expert Panelists

These three women are experts in education, focused on Los Angeles and California

Caden Chernoff spent more time getting her daughter into Kindergarten in Los Angeles than she did getting herself into undergraduate and graduate schools combined. Determined to help other families avoid that same agonizing experience, she began helping at the nonprofit The Parents Education League Los Angeles and founded The L.A. Kindergarten Class to help make the school search process easier for other parents. Previously, as an accomplished theater director in New York, she supported teams of creative artists and led productions. Now she uses those skills to educate and empower parents. She holds a BA from UCLA and an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Jamie Heston is a veteran Bay Area homeschooler of two teens (one graduated in 2020 and is attending community college), homeschool leader, homeschool consultant, founder of google group Bay Area Homeschool Activity Scene (BAHAS), and current volunteer and former Board Member for the Homeschool Association of California. She also runs East Bay Area Nerf, a monthly nerf battle, and nonprofit Foamwar, Inc., that hosts an annual weekend long nerf event in San Jose, called Ragnarocktoberfest. She is passionate about helping parents discover how to homeschool and is a proponent of self directed learning. 

Jamie Heston

Priya Nambiar

Priya Nambiar has spent over a decade in private school admissions, at the Brentwood School and Viewpoint School in Los Angeles, and over 20 years in education. She has interviewed over 1,000 students and has helped make admissions decisions based on several criteria including academic readiness, artistic interests, athletic contribution, and personality match. Because she has been in the room where difficult admissions decisions are made, she understands what makes one applicant stand out over another. At the same time, she also intimately understands the stress and anxiety of applying to competitive schools. Quote: “As an educational consultant, Priya combines her knowledge of admissions and the Los Angeles private school landscape with a steadfast commitment to families and their search for the right school. She focuses on helping families find environments where a child has the best chance of succeeding, not just in academics but in social/emotional development, sports, the arts, and all other aspects of life.”

Premium School Partners


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School and Program Exhibitors in the 2020 Fair

Aveson Charter Schools
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