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Educational Insights’ Blurt Game Review

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A comic entertainer who wears funny clothes and has a painted face is a _________________.

A smooth, round object formed inside the shells of oysters is a _____________.

Do those answers come immediately to mind? Do you feel the urge to ‘blurt’ them out?

Educational Insights’ Blurt game is unlike most board games. Yes, the goal is to get to the end before the other players. It’s how you get there that’s different. In Blurt, it’s a word race to see who can identify the vocabulary word the fastest. It doesn’t matter whose turn it is, whoever answers correctly first gets to move their playing piece ahead.

How Do You Play the Blurt Game?

Blurt is for ages 7 to adult and can be played with as few as 3 players. There are 4 game pieces, but players can form into teams. Initially, my youngest (6-year-old) thought he wouldn’t be able to keep up with his brothers, but he surprised them, and himself, by doing well.

The playing cards offer an easy and difficult side. For the most part, we used easy cards. However, by the third round, my 9-year-old was asking for the more difficult clues. He knew he might not do as well, but he wanted the extra challenge. How’s that for an educational game that keeps older kids interested?

I played with my three boys as three different players. The number rolled determines which clue is read. The reader can’t answer since he or she can see the answer. I played the role of the reader to simplify things. The other players guessed the clues. Whoever answers first gets to move the number of spaces indicated on the die. If you’re playing in teams then the other members of the reader’s team can guess.

Other Ways to Play the Educational Insights’ Blurt Game

  • Junior Version — a special way to play, for players ages 7 – 9, that gives all players or teams a chance to win by correctly spelling their guesses.
  • Regular Play — as described above.
  • Advanced Play — gives players ways to add increased difficulty to the game.
  • Bonus Blurts — presents opportunities to earn bonuses when players land on certain spots.

4 Reasons We Love Educational Insights’ Blurt Game

  • There are multiple levels of difficulty — It’s just challenging enough for my kids. Players need to think and consider the clue before answering it.
  • It’s mom-friendly — Educational Insights’ Blurt Game pieces, game board, and playing cards are durable. Everything can be wiped clean. No batteries are required.
  • Play lasts the right amount of time — Each round took about 10-15 minutes to complete with two kids playing and me being the reader. Our first time playing, my kids were so into it we played for three rounds. This is a family game that can easily be played as dinner preparation is underway or after dinner as a part of family game night.
  • It’s educational — I love how Blurt puts a twist on how kids learn vocabulary. Kids have to think about the clue and then what vocabulary word matches that definition.

I hope you enjoy Educational Insights’ Blurt Game as a way to help your kids not only improve their vocabulary but also as a way to get more excited about family game night.

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