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Esther’s Pregnancy Journal: Week 15

Esther, our lovely contributing writer, just announced that she’s pregnant! She’ll be sharing her pregnancy journey with us every few weeks. She has a 2-year-old daughter. 

Baby’s Size:

A Navel Orange!

I’m Feeling:

Terrible. Lol. Pregnancy and I do not work well together. Just like my first pregnancy, I have been sick all day, every day. The morning sickness is milder than with my first (I couldn’t even sit up), but the lingering nausea and smell aversions feel just as strong sometimes.


I am incredibly tired all day. Since I can’t drink more than 12 oz of caffeine a day (I used to drink at least 4-5 cups a day), I can barely keep my eyes open after lunch. I’ve been going to bed with my toddler at 8pm each night and waking up with her around 6:30am. In the beginning, I had to use the bathroom at least 2x a night, but now I’m waking up 1x or not at all. Now that I’m in my second trimester, I toss and turn all night trying to get in a comfortable position. A pillow between my legs and lots of extra blankets have been helping.

Food Cravings:

Most foods make me sick right now. But things that really help cut through my nausea are gum, lemonade, lime flavored La Croix, tomatoes and juicy fruits like white peaches and watermelon. When I’m feeling especially nauseous but hungry, plain bagels, bananas and plain rice have helped a lot.

Food Aversions:

MEAT!  Just the thought of it or the smell of it makes me sick. I also can’t stand cheese, peanut butter, chocolate, baked goods, or fish. All things that I loved before, but now can’t stand to even THINK about.

Currently Living In:

Jeggings from Uniqlo. SO COMFY!!  I bought 3 different colors + some normal maternity pants to help me get through the first two trimesters.

Currently Obsessing Over:

My skin!  I always get this “pregnancy mask” of bad skin. Not acne per se, but just a dull and cloudy mask over my whole face. I’m washing, exfoliating and hoping that some Biore pore strips will get me through the next 5 months. *fingers crossed*



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