Everytable: Your Meal is on a Mission

Kale Chicken Caesar by Everytable

Everytable is the food you want to eat, at a price you can afford. And the concept behind the restaurant is: that statement will be true, no matter where you live in LA.

The idea of variable pricing at restaurants probably isn’t new, but Everytable has made it about social justice. On the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, where it is surrounded by restaurants serving the exact same Kale Chicken Caesar Salad and charging at least twice the price, Everytable is sure to turn heads when people realize they can get lunch for $6-7.

And the same lunch will cost $4-5 in South LA.

The prices will fit the neighborhood, but the food will be consistent throughout the Everytable chain. There are four locations so far, and they have big plans to expand.

The menu reads like the quintessential LA restaurant; besides the kale, there’s plenty of quinoa, lean protein and leafy greens to go around. Each serving has been engineered to deliver a big serving of protein, a small amount of fat, very little salt and no added sugar. Complex carbohydrates, only, please. There are salads, grain bowls and hot plates.

And it’s all grab-and-go.

Kale Chicken Caesar by Everytable

The Kale Chicken Caesar

Everytable wants to serve healthy, delicious food that people can afford and that they love. The company is on a mission to combat hunger and they’ll make sure you know that. The message is loud and clear, but luckily, the food is terrific.

MomsLA was invited to sample a few of the dishes. The amazing Kale Chicken Caesar is our favorite – and trust us, we’ve eaten more than our share of kale. The best hot meal we sampled was the Jerk Chicken, which comes with red beans, rice and more kale, this time cooked. There are also vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as kids’ meals.

The food is prepared fresh, daily, in one central kitchen and then delivered to each of their locations, which is one of the ways they keep costs down; this is a for-profit business, after all. Not a Charity. The food is all grab-and-go, so it’s a transaction rather than a meal served to you at a table. It’s also intended to be food you can take home and have for another meal. They want you to stock up.

Green Goddess salad from Everytable

Green Goddess Salad

The company hopes to expand to upwards of 40 or 50 locations in Los Angeles, and presumably replicate the model elsewhere as well. The more affluent markets they’re in, the more underserved markets they can afford to be in.

As the co-founder and CEO Sam Polk said, “When you buy a meal at Everytable in Santa Monica, you’re getting a great meal for yourself, and also making an impact by helping us open restaurants in places like Watts and Compton, which don’t currently have convenient, healthy alternatives to fast food.”

Everytable Santa Monica is located on the Third Street Promenade, 1315 3rd St., Santa Monica, CA 90401. The Grand Opening is Tuesday, May 30th. To celebrate, Everytable will be handing out free meals starting at 11am to all visitors, until supplies run out.

Everytable kiosk in Santa Monica

Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of She hopes they will begin selling their Caesar dressing separately so she can have a supply on hand at all times. 



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