There are many great places to eat at Hollywood and Highland

Have you explored Hollywood & Highland lately? MomsLA took our families there and we had a ball, beating the heat and trying new places to eat. No matter the season, you can find fun things to do at this shopping and entertainment center right in heart of Hollywood. There are dozens of dining options, including the Deck (which we tried out), shopping of course, and activities for all ages, like people-watching on Hollywood Blvd., a splash pad, movies, and bowling at Lucky Strike.

Sarah & Yvonne at Hollywood & Highland

Sarah & Yvonne at Hollywood & Highland

We needed to get out of our houses and do something with our kids, but the heat was pretty brutal last weekend, so we were excited to spend time at Lucky Strike. Not only is bowling a game we can all have fun playing (even if we’re not very good at it), but the decor at Lucky Strike is super cool and it made us feel like hipsters, at least while we hung out there. On top of all that, it was air conditioned, which made it very enjoyable.

We played a few games – kids against the grown-ups and family vs. family. The winners were gracious and the losers didn’t seem to mind too much. We enjoyed some very tasty French fries and cold drinks while we bowled, and watched a family in the next lane celebrate a birthday, too. Turns out Lucky Strike Hollywood also hosts live music some evenings and we’re sure the place is a fun date night spot as well.

hipster shoes and decor at Lucky Strike

even the shoes are cool at Lucky Strike

After the bowling we were all pretty hungry, so we headed upstairs to the third floor of Hollywood & Highland to try out The Deck, a new food court concept launched this year.

The Deck has several great dining options to choose from, none of which is a fast-food chain. I had a Hawaiian-themed meal from Fist of Fusion. Careful readers of MomsLA know that I grew up in Hawaii and that I’m partial to this type of food. My meal was delicious and Fist of Fusion has a great backstory you should check out some time.

Yvonne and a couple other in our party dined on poke bowls from Pokinometry, and they really enjoyed them. Yvonne had been unsure of the “Poke Bowl” fad before, but I can attest that she is now officially hooked and “made me” go with her to get more this week (which I was happy to do).

Two of the kids had waffle goodness from Wafflejack, which sounds like it might be solely a dessert place, but is actually only mostly a dessert place. There’s an amazing-looking fried chicken sandwich with waffles as “bread” that I may go back and get one of these days. When we had family in town a few months ago, we all ate at the Deck as well, and several people tried Whealthy that day, which looked really good. Next time we go back I’ll have to try the noodles at Jinya Ramen Express, too.

food Collage at the Deck Hollywood and highland

Hollywood & Highland is a great place to explore with your family because there are so many things to do. It’s never dull along Hollywood Blvd., whether you’re watching a street performance, checking out the Walk of Fame, posing (in a hopeful way) on the Academy Awards Stairway, or shopping in one of the stores, like Sweet, which delighted all of us.

Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of Both she and Yvonne (and their families) were guests of the Hollywood & Highland center and their games and meals were complimentary.



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