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Fall Events in Los Angeles

Fall is a great time to be in Los Angeles. Check out our guide for things to do for Thanksgiving and beyond. (photos by Yvonne Condes except for the turkey, which is courtesy of Descanso Gardens)

Fall is the best time of year to be in Los Angeles. The weather is perfect, which means there are a many fun events happening all over town to prepare for Thanksgiving and to get ready for the holidays. And make sure and check out our Events Calendar to find out what’s happening every day of the week.

Best Places to Experience Fall in Southern California

We may not have a traditional fall season in LA, but there are ways to celebrate the changing season. Just a few miles away from Los Angeles you can be in a different world. Families can go on hikes to see leaves changing colors, go apple picking or smell pine trees.
Malibu Creek State Park

Where to go for Thanksgiving Dinner in Los Angeles 

If you don’t feel like cooking this year, don’t worry; there are many fabulous Los Angeles restaurants that will serve your family a fantastic Thanksgiving meal.

Where to Get Thanksgiving Takeout Dinner in Los Angeles

What would be better than having Thanksgiving Dinner at home? Having someone else make it for you? Here are some fantastic options for Thanksgiving Take Out Dinner.

Thanksgiving To Go at Botega Louie

The Best Pie Shops in Los Angeles 

It’s not Thanksgiving without a slice (or two) of Pie! You can stop at one of these locations or order your pie to take home for Thanksgiving dinner.

Atticus Creamery and Pie Shop is just one of the great places to order pies for the holidays in Los Angeles.

Thanksgiving Break Camps

Not everyone can take the entire week off like to stay home with the kids during Thanksgiving break. Check out this great list of camps that will help you and entertain the kids.

Thanksgiving Camps in Los Angeles

The Best Places to do Good This Thanksgiving 

There are a lot of people in Los Angeles that need help this holiday season. Here is our list of ways to help people in need this Thanksgiving.

There are many ways to help out during the holidays including volunteer at the VA in Westwood

8 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids 

Younger kids will love these simple crafts go get ready for Thanksgiving.