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Falling Off the Wagon; A #MakeBetter Challenge

Alfajores de dulce de leche from El Porteno Bakery
Alfajores de dulce de leche from El Porteno Bakery

The best cookies I’ve had in a long time from El Porteno Bakery in San Francisco’s Ferry Building. Delicate alfajores with dulce de leche filling.

It’s depressing how difficult it is to make significant life changes and then how very easy it is to fall off the wagon into bad behavior.

For the past 8 months, I’ve been doing the MakeBetter Challenge with Sarah. We lost weight, improved our health, talked nonstop to everyone around us about exercise and the benefits of eating kale. And then one day recently I just stopped. I stopped at a bakery that is. I was tired, stressed, and needed comfort food. I had already stopped working out as much because life was getting too busy.

Those mini cinnamon rolls, almond filled pastries, and apricot cookies made me question months of hard work. Why not eat small pastries all day instead of big plates of kale? It didn’t help that I went on a trip to the Bay Area, which is the home of fabulous pastries. I wish I had remembered the article I wrote about how to make healthy choices on vacation, but I was too focused on the next delicious thing I would be eating. After a weekend of great food and a lot of rest, I had a little trouble buttoning my pants.

Not only that but I didn’t feel very good. After eating wheat, dairy, and drinking wine every day my allergies were bad. I decided the Monday after the trip to stop the madness and start thinking about what I’m eating. No second glass of wine, no dessert if I have wine, and if I have dessert no second dessert (can you tell I love sweets!).

It’s been a week and a half and although my pants are still snug I can button them. But most importantly my allergies are better. I cut back gradually so I don’t feel deprived (I even made a gluten-free cobbler with fresh fruit) and I went back to a regular workout schedule.

The MakeBetter Challenge wasn’t easy and I’ve realized that maintaining a healthy body won’t be either, but it’s worth it. This summer is going to be a long one. I hope I can make it through without having to buy a new pair of pants.

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