Ford Ecosport Test Drive: Small Vehicle, Big Fun

side mirror Ford EcoSport

It’s so teeny tiny! OMG it’s so cute! And man is it zippy!

These are not usually things you might hear someone say about an SUV, but then I got to drive the Ford EcoSport for a week. And it is all those things. I loved it!

Ford EcoSport in the driveway

The Ecosport is a compact SUV that goes for under $20K, which makes it ideal as a starter car for college grads with entry-level salaries. (Or Moms in LA, apparently.)

But just because it seems small on the outside, don’t be fooled. The interior is very roomy and there’s plenty of room for cargo.

In fact, the Ford Ecosport is filled with little pouches and cubbies, meaning you can stash a ton of things in it.

glove box in the Ford EcoSport

pouches on the seat backs of the Ford EcoSport

console cubby with storage space in the Ford EcoSport

You can also fit some big people. My husband is 6’2” and has very long legs, but he felt very comfortable riding in the back seat when our cheeky 15-year-old grabbed the front seat one day, which is saying a lot.

My son is a golfer and as you can see, we could fit his bag and clubs in the trunk area.

Speaking of which, the rear door swings out instead of lifting up, which is pretty fun.

trunk space with golf clubs Ford Ecosport

The navigation and entertainment screen is big and easy to read, and I loved that. It connected seamlessly with my phone for hands-free calling and texting with Siri, or with the Ford Sync system. AND the vehicle tells you when you’re almost out of gas. What a great feature!

nav screen Ford Ecosport

fuel level notification Ford Ecosport

There’s a ton of tech in the vehicle, and fun, too. There are two USB ports and an electrical outlet in the back seat. Plus there are super fun ambient lights that we had a bunch of fun playing with. (Check out the video below to see the lights in action.)

2 USB ports in the Ford EcoSport

electrical outlet in the Ford EcoSport

I downloaded the FordPass app and connected the vehicle using the VIN number. After that, I was able to see fuel levels – and even start the car – with my phone. The starting the car is pretty fun and may seem like a bit of a parlor trick, but being able to see the fuel levels before leaving the house is very efficient and helped me plan my day.

The FordPass app also has a great parking feature, which identifies open parking spots – saving me from serious parking anxiety here in Los Angeles. It also lets you reserve and pay for parking on the app, saving time and stress at the exit. The parking service is available online as well.

FordPass screenshot

photo of Ford Ecosport from inside Ford EcoSport

photo of Ford EcoSport from inside Ford EcoSport – so meta

side mirror Ford EcoSport

Driving the Ford Ecosport was a pleasure. I spent a few too many hours in traffic on LA streets while I had the vehicle, which was a bit sad, except that I was in the Ecosport. It was really fun to drive. When there were openings between cars, I could zip around them and I know I enjoyed myself more, even if I didn’t probably get there any faster than anyone else. As with all my loaner car experiences, I was very sad when they came to take the car back.

Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of and was loaned the Ford Ecosport for a week in order to write this review.



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