Gal Gadot Is Not Afraid of Being Typecast as Wonder Woman

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Last year, I briefly met Gal Gadot when she was promoting a movie she made with Jon Hamm. I had seen her in Batman Vs. Superman and most people would agree that she was the best thing about that movie. Friends and I took a picture with her and I said, “We’ve been waiting for Wonder Woman our entire lives.” She answered, “So have I.”

Wonder Woman Banner

It really seems as if she has. She’s a fantastic Wonder Woman; she’s strong, funny, smart and cool. She took the responsibility of the role seriously knowing that she would be a role model to young girls.

“Well, I think that it’s so important that we show a strong female figure and that we show her story,” she said at a press event for mom bloggers and their daughters (and a couple of us with boys) to promote the movie. I was there as a guest of Warner Bros.  “I think that me growing up, I could go and watch Superman or Batman, but I never had a strong female figure that really inspires me to look up to. And I think that this movie is so important for all of you young girls and also for boys, as well.”

Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot talking about making Wonder Woman

Creating just the right Wonder Woman was very important for Jenkins (who also directed Monster) who has been a Wonder Woman fan since she was a kid.

“…when I was Wonder Woman on the playground, I was everything I ever wanted to be. So, sometimes, we’ve had these moments (during filming) where we’re like, oh, my God, the idea that we could be a part of kids’ lives in that way is so beautiful and overwhelming, and we hope to give what we were given by other people.”

One of things I loved about the film was the action on Themyscira (Paradise Island if you’re a fan of the old tv show). Robin Wright is a fierce warrior who trains Princess Diana to be Wonder Woman. I asked Jenkins how she created the island.

It was complicated creating an idealized world populated by Amazonian women that also felt real, Jenkins said. “What was cool about it was I’ve grown up knowing so many incredible women and so many incredible people. So, when you try to represent that in an island made up of only women, you end up pulling together so many different interesting people. Some are great at horse riding. Some was the greatest boxer in the world. Someone else is an incredible artisan.”

The actors, including Gadot, had to learn how to fight and Gadot did many of her own stunts. She enjoys being in action movies, especially this one.

“There’s something amazing, people keep on asking me how do you think about being typecast as Wonder Woman, and that’s all you’re going to do, action films. And I’m owning it. I really enjoy doing these movies, and I think that once you have a heart and you have a story to tell, it doesn’t matter if you have action or not, you tell the story,” she said. “And portraying such a strong character and being able to move like a badass, strong, powerful woman is amazing.”

It truly is. Wonder Woman opened today nationwide. Read my review on MomsLA.

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