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Get Golf Ready: PGA Golf For The Family


Have you ever wanted to try playing Golf? I will admit I never imagined myself playing anything other than Mini-Golf, but through programs started by the PGA called Play Golf America and Get Golf Ready, my kids and I took our first Golf Lesson, and I must tell you: We are hooked.


We met Golf Pro Josh Alpert on the driving range at The Lakes in El Segundo. Josh runs Good Swings Happen Junior Golf Academy.


Josh got us started first by going over safety rules, which are clearly important, given how hard golf balls and clubs are and how sweet and sensitive our little bodies are.

Once we knew the rules, Josh gave us the basic pointers for how to hit golf balls correctly. And it’s not what you might think. Contrary to how Happy Gilmore plays in the movie by the same name, hitting the ball as hard as you possibly can does no good in golf. There’s much more finesse involved and Josh, who’s a great teacher, made sure to show us how.


(By the way, Josh is the kind of teacher you want every kid to have for every sport or subject they’ll ever learn: he loves what he does, he wants to make you love it, too, and he wants to make sure you have fun while you’re learning. Mission accomplished, Josh.)

Josh teaching Oscar to hold the club correctly - get golf ready PGA

Josh teaching Oscar 2 Get Golf ready PGA My kids and I all enjoyed ourselves and can’t wait to get back to play more. We’ll even take my husband next time. Playing Golf as a family is an amazing way to get outdoors, have fun, and get some exercise, too. Walking around all 9 holes adds up to a lot of steps!

Boys Listening

Yvonne and her kids also took a lesson that day and we did, in fact, compete a bit to see who could hit the ball the farthest and straightest. I would like to say it was a tie, but my team did win, so legally I have to tell you that my family won. Of course I don’t count Team Yvonne out for long, so I’d better get practicing.

Have you and your family ever tried Golf together? Let us know in the comments!

{This post is part of a sponsored campaign. We and our families were comped a Golf Lesson for the purpose of this review. The fact that I beat Yvonne is all my doing.}

Editor’s Note: I let her win. 


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  1. Mike Aldrich 30 April, 2014 at 11:21 Reply

    So glad that you enjoyed golf with your family. Having an instructor who understands WHY you are trying the game is vital. It appears that you have two goals, sharing fun time with your family and beating your boss!

    I hope that you stick with the game. My few holes with my daughter and wife this year have been great!

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