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Greenblender smoothie ingredients.

This is a sponsored post.

A few mornings a week I make a smoothie for either myself or my kids for breakfast. It’s almost always the same and lately I’ve run out of ideas, which is why I was excited for us to try Green Blender. Green Blender is a service that delivers mostly organic, GMO-free, vegan ingredients to make 10 smoothies per box. We’re offering 20 percent off of a Green Blender box if you use the code “MomsLA.” 

Each box comes with pre-portioned ingredients and five recipes.


The produce was gorgeous and fresh.


First we made a Cranbarry Kumquat Tart smoothie with the ingredients below:

1 pear, chopped
3 oz. cranberries
3 oz kumquat
2 dates
3 tbls walnuts
1 cup water, 1 cup ice


We washed the fruit then cut up the pear. Next, we put all of the ingredients in our Nutribullet and in minutes we had a delicious smoothie. It was tart and refreshing.


Next we made a Sweet Almond Pie smoothie with the following ingredients:

5 oz sweet potato
4 oz grapes
1 banana
1 tbls mesquite
1 packet maple almond butter
1 cup vanilla almond milk
1 cup of ice

Ingredients-Sweet Almond-pie

All I had to do for this one was wash the grapes, peel the sweet potato and banana and add all of the ingredients and I had a smoothie. I was skeptical of the mesquite, but it tasted great. Mesquite is added to give caramel sweetness without any added sugar (it didn’t taste like barbecue, which is what I feared).

I loved that we were able to try something new. It was also a great way to kick-start my new plan to eat healthier. After having a Green Blender smoothie for lunch last week, I had felt like I had to eat something healthy for dinner.

If you’d like to try the service, which recently launched in Los Angeles, we’re offering 20 percent off of a Green Blender box if you use the code “MomsLA.”

Sweet Almond Pie smoothie with Green Blender ingredients

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links (which means that if you order green blender using our link, we get a percentage of the sale). All opinions are my own. 



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