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Gwyneth Paltrow on Being Pepper Potts and Raising Kids in an Unsafe World

Gwyneth Paltrow at Iron Man 3 junket. Photo courtesy of Shelby Barone


Named People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Woman” for 2013, Gwyneth Paltrow, sizzles the screens as Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3. This 40-year-old mother of 2, and wife of Chris Martin, Cold Play’s front man, is the on-screen love interest of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), but clearly wears the pants in this relationship. Now head of Stark Industries, Pepper is the epitome of how women in top management positions can actually dominate and run a company! At the same time, Tony Stark must experience the toughest battle of his life! It’s mettle against might, as he now fights his nemesis Aldrich Killian who’s using terrorist bombing tactics by the Mandarin to take over the world.

Paltrow is beautiful, strong, and recently released her second cookbook, It’s All Good. She spoke recently at a press junket about her role as Pepper, and what it’s like raising children in this unsafe world.

Gwyneth Paltrow at the Ironman Junket in 2013Paltrow has been very pleased with the development and evolution of her character Pepper Potts in the Iron Man franchise. Within the span of three films she goes from the assistant – a little bit of damsel in distress – into the president of Stark Industries and eventually transform into a super hero of sorts. She states, “Pepper really steps into her power in all areas. You do see her as a very intelligent articulate CEO. You see her now in an equal relationship with Tony where she wants her needs met as well while still remaining a very supportive woman”.

There is also talk of Pepper Potts returning in the next Avengers. Since, as Paltrow proclaimed “one of the most thrilling parts of having gone all over the place talking about this movie is that people really love to see Pepper in the suit kicking ass. And so, I would come back. You know, in the comic she (Potts) becomes Rescue, her own person.”

Gwyneth also spoke about her concerns of Jon Favreau “leaving the franchise” and under the direction of Shane Black, the movie “seemed to be little like a back to basics tone”. One very big part of the story is how everything is basically taken away from Tony Stark, including the Iron Man suits which make the character much more stripped down in a sense.

Paltrow credits Robert Downey Jr. and his “big picture creative mind about what these movies should feel like.” She feels that “the truth is that these movies work because Robert plays Tony Stark, and not only because like of the similarities in their own lives and not because of his specific brand of vulnerability and strength and humor. We all know that Marvel is amazing at the stunts and the CGI and the action and everything. But I think one particular strength of Robert’s that we don’t see on screen is the fact that he’s always asking “What is the big picture here? How can we make it feel real? How can we make it feel like something we care about and we want to watch?” I think that’s why the movies keep working. They’re not sort of like a weaker carbon copy of the one before.”

One of the biggest questions was in regards to how will people respond to the film in today’s unsafe world? Paltrow pointed out the she is currently dealing with the truth that we do live in an unsafe world. Her 7-year-old son is sort of grappling with the fact that the “world is unsafe, and there are people who do harmful things.” And she does not feel “there’s anything wrong with presenting that idea. We can’t lie to our children and pretend that the world is perfect and everybody is happy, and everybody is out there to do well. So, you know, it’s just part of a bigger conversation. I know that after my children saw the movie, I had certain conversations with my son about it. And so I think it’s a good sort of contained place to have a conversation.”

At first, Paltrow was “very uncomfortable” with the fact Jon Favreau was not directing and felt it was weird the person responsible for the first 2 Iron Man movies as well as The Avengers was not present in his original role. But she described how they “went on” and she “really warmed” to director Shane Black and his “terrible outfits.” Gwyneth felt that Shane is “really super talented” and “is so sharp.” She goes on to say, director Shane Black “is so smart and his dialogue was incredible. I think what we started with on this movie that we didn’t start with on the first two films was a really excellent finished screenplay. I think it really shows in the film. Shane is really brought something and took it up a notch, which was really difficult to do. So I ended up having an incredible amount of respect for him.”

Iron Man 3 is rated PG13 and is in theaters May 3, 2013.

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