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Head Into a Funny Family Game Night With Hedbanz™ Electronic

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Hedbanz™ Electronic, Your New Family Game Night Favorite!


As the weather gets colder, family time moves indoors. Family game night replaces outdoor activities as it’s dark by 5:30 PM and ugh — COLD! The holidays are coming and it’s a great time to check out what’s in your game closet.

Have your children outgrown those memory games but aren’t yet ready to play the board games that go on and on? Has your family grown and you need multiplayer games where everyone plays at the same time?

Traditional board games aren’t our thing. Our family time tends to be outside or exploring somewhere outside of the house. We don’t have much in our game closet for family game night. My children usually choose the dreaded screens if we aren’t paying attention. Years ago we discovered the original Hedbanz, which has remained one of our favorites for Family Game Night!  We have played Hedbanz on holidays, from ages 4-92 and it always gets everyone laughing!

Hedbanz for all generations!
Hedbanz for all generations!

Hedbanz Has Gone Electronic with Hedbanz™ Electronic

Hedbanz™ Electronic! is now available for ages 7 and up, but again, little ones can play with some help. This is Hedbanz to the extreme!

Hedbanz™ Electronic

Hedbanz™ Electronic Includes

  • 1 Electronic game unit
  • 80 Cards, 6 question cards
  • 2 Headbands
  • Instructions
    Note: You’ll need a small screwdriver and 3 AAA batteries to start your play.
Hedbanz™ Electronic

What’s the Difference Between Hedbanz and Hedbanz™ Electronic?

Whereas the traditional game was set up for individual players, the Hedbanz™ Electronic encourages team play. Grab your friends and family, choose the red team or the blue team — indicated by the headbands and the lights on the game unit — and you’re ready to go!

How to Play Hedbanz™ Electronic

Turn the unit on from the inside (an adult may need to pop it open at first as our unit was a little tight), choose “team party” or “classic mode”, and push the white button on the outside to begin playing.

Hedbanz™ Electronic Team Party Play Mode

In Team Party, the “electronic host” will tell you which of three game modes you’ll play. The game unit also keeps the time and score!

  • Ask “Yes” or “No” questions — Give the guesser the category (job, animal, or thing) shown on the back of the card.
  • Describe it — Other players try to describe the image on the card without saying the word.
  • Act it out — Time to play charades! Be silly and get your best animal (or job or thing) impression going!

Did you guess it? Hit the buzzer! If not, keep playing until the time runs out.

Hedbanz™ Electronic
The girls are ready to play!

Hedbanz™ Electronic Classic Play Mode

If you’re playing the Classic Mode or the Ask It round, there are 6 question cards to help you along your way to guess. All players should pick a partner, put on a headband, and grab a card. Players will wear a “picture card” in their headband, and then quickly ask questions to figure out what they are. For example: “Where am I usually found?”, “What am I used for?”, or “Am I paper?”.
Recently we went to visit friends and while the adults wanted some time to chat, we gave the kids Hedbanz™ Electronic and they had a blast! They were able to play without help from us, and the deck of 80 cards kept them going long enough for the adults to catch up.

We love how easy this game is to store — the cards fit right inside the game unit and the headbands wrap around. It’s compact and perfect for carry-on or long car rides. For families like ours that get bored with traditional board games, this fast-paced game will keep everyone playing longer than they expect. It’s a new game every time! Hedbanz™ Electronic is a game you can feel good about buying. It works for all ages, doesn’t take up space in your game closet, and will get everyone laughing.

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