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The Coconut Ice Cream Cleanse

Ice Cream Cleanse

Ice Cream Cleanse This is why I love Los Angeles – anything is possible. Next week, I will embark on an epic journey to better health and it will happen while eating ice cream and doing yoga; I’m going to do The Coconut Ice Cream Cleanse.

Well, technically it’s a non-dairy coconut ice cream cleanse, but I can honestly say that I’m very excited. It’s a partnership with Kippy’s Ice Cream and the Ra Ma Institute for Yogic Science and Technology, which are both in Venice. The 4-day cleanse starts Thursday, February 6 and lasts through Sunday, February 9. Each day, participants will start out doing yoga at the institute and then go home with a day’s worth of supplies for the cleanse.

Kippy’s co-owner Kippy Miller and Ra Ma Founder Guru Jagat have been working out the logistics of the cleanse for about 6 months. One missing component they both saw with other cleanses is fat. Guru Jagat said she’d seen women plateau on juice cleanses because they weren’t getting enough energy. The fat in the coconut cream is satiating plus it helps to clean out the toxins in the body, she said.

“Our bodies are designed to have a fat-soluble with every meal, “ Miller said. “It’s a way for your body to absorb nutrients.” For example, when you’re getting Vitamin C in a juice or a vitamin you will absorb more of the nutrients if it’s taken with a fat.

So what will I be eating? Dark chocolate with Himalayan sea salt, lemon and cayenne, and crange creamsicle coconut cream ice cream. It sounds good, but what about the sugar? Kippy said that the ice creams are sweetened with raw honey and are not too sweet. The cleanse will be between 1,000 and 1,200 calories a day.

And that’s not all. Each day of the cleanse will begin with a Kundalini Yoga class at the Ra Ma Institute. “Kundalini Yoga is a complete yogic science and technology dealing with the strength of the physical body, balance of the emotional terrain, endurance of the psyche, and activation of the full range of endocrine, hormonal and nervous systems,” according to the website.

Starting the day sweating and then having coconut cream during the day has the added benefit of making the skin glow, they said. Ice cream, glowing skin, yoga. They skeptic in me (who has never done a cleanse before) says it’s too good to be true, but the rest of me is drawn to how very appealing is sounds.

And that was part of the motivation to create the cleanse for the two women. When someone decides to do a cleanse they’re likely making a some life changes, said Guru Jagat. A cleanse “can be a beautiful experience. It doesn’t have to be a drag.”

It’s $220 to take part in the cleanse and that includes the yoga classes and all of the food. If you’d like to try the cleanse, check out the Ra Ma Institute’s Events page.

Disclosure: I’ve been given a media pass to try out the cleanse for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 


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  1. Stevie Wilson 1 February, 2014 at 11:31 Reply

    This sounds pretty interesting. If I lived closer to Venice, I would participate if only to see how this works. Your feedback on this and how it works for you is what I want to read!

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