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iD Tech camps

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iD Tech camps

Back in the spring, I asked my boys what they wanted to do over the summer. Their immediate answer was that they wanted to go back to iD Tech Summer Camp at UCLA. They are 10 and 12-years-0ld and it is by far their favorite camp.

They like it because they create and play games. I like it because they learn so much. Earlier this summer, my 12-year-old took Intro to Programming with Java Script and my 10-year-old took Mobile Game Design for iOS and Android.*

Here is the game my older son created. It looks like any old game, except that he wrote the code for the game. He also asked the instructor if he could do more with the game and add pictures, graphics and a player that can be moved around. Just like last year, he made sure to include a picture of our dog in the game.


That’s what I really appreciated about the camp; my boys can go as far as they’d like depending on their ability. If they want to learn more and push ahead, they are encouraged. In the game above, our dog and the bone move side to side and up and down like old-school pong.

At the end of each week, parents are invited to the Family Showcase to meet the instructors and find out how the students did in their courses. The instructor begins with a personal statement about the camper. It includes how they worked with the other kids and how they used the technology they were learning. Then they got a diploma.

My younger son’s “diploma” said that the game he created “incorporates both an entertaining storyline as well some incredibly well-designed levels.” Both boys had very enthusiastic and incredibly smart female instructors who were both going to school and studying tech. Each class has an 8 to 1 teacher to student ratio.

I’ll be honest, iD Tech is one of the pricier camps. My boys wanted to do multiple weeks, but we did just one. To me, it was worth it. They not only learned a lot, but they had a great time being on the UCLA campus. I told them more than once that if they studied hard in school, they might someday go to college there.

iD Tech offers overnight camp and day camp (my boys did day camp) at UCLA, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal State Long Beach and many other locations in Southern California plus Alexa Café All-Girls Tech Camp for ages 10 to 15 at Marymount High School.

*This post is part of a sponsored campaign with iD Tech. I paid for and my children attended the camp I’m referring to in this post and the camp they both took last year.



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