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IQ-Link by SmartGames: A Compact Game for Home or Travel

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Last week my husband and I peered at the colorful links in a white carrying case and wondered how such a compact and bright game would command the attention of our children. An hour after opening the package and even before showing the kids, we found ourselves immersed in the world of IQ link. Once we explained it to our kids, and after the first correct ‘fit’ of the missing links, we found them just as intrigued and ready to play with it nonstop as we were.

IQ Link

IQ-Link follows the classic SmartGames family of puzzles and games. The object of the game is to make all puzzle pieces fit on the game board. But there is something about the puzzle pieces that makes this not as easy as it sounds. You have 36 puzzle segments, but only 24 places on the grid! 

  • A Smart and compact carrying case.
  • A booklet of link positions in varying degrees of difficulty.
  • 12 Puzzle pieces in this game and each puzzle piece is made from 3 segments: 6 segments are closed rings. These rings always occupy one place on the grid and don’t allow any other segment to be placed there as well; 16 segments are balls; 14 segments are open rings. You can place an open ring in the same place that is occupied by a ball of another puzzle piece if the opening in the ring is in the same orientation as the part that connects the ball shape with the rest of the puzzle piece.
  • The game offered a challenge — There are levels of difficulty and you gradually move up in the ranks.
  • It makes kids slow down and think — Kids really have to take their time and figure out where pieces will fit.
  • It’s portable — The super compact casing makes it easy to take most anywhere.
  • It works for one or more players — Although the game is marketed as a one-person game, it can easily be played in teams and shared by the whole family.
IQ Link
  • Starter — Green
  • Junior — Orange
  • Expert — Red
  • Master — Blue
  • Wizard — Purple

Without a doubt! When it first arrived, I will admit that my husband and I spent almost an hour playing the game on our own. It is that addicting in nature. That translated quickly to the children. There is such a sense of joy and accomplishment when they finish a level. And there is an extreme level of focus when they really get into it. The compact nature of it makes it an ideal toy to take most anywhere. I cannot recommend it enough.

This blog post was written by Dianne while she was a blogger for Jersey Family Fun.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.