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Is It Worth a Babysitter? The Penthouse at The Huntley

It had been a while since my husband and I had a date night so we wanted to do something special. There are many new restaurants in Los Angeles that we were anxious to try like Redbird and Perch downtown. It was so hot outside that we thought we should head near the beach. So along with half of Los Angeles if felt like, we went to Santa Monica. It was early evening and even though they had reservations all night long, we managed to get a table at The Penthouse at the Huntley.

It’s beautiful inside the restaurant with big windows to see the view of Santa Monica and the ocean. We also enjoyed our view of our cocktails that were perfect for the warm summer night.


We were excited about all of the delicious sounding items on the menu and we ordered more food than we normally would plus we were treated to an amuse-bouche of watermelon with creme fraiche. We shared a burrata with stone fruit appetizer and a side of roasted cauliflower.


The burrata was divine and the cauliflower was okay. I had scallops with peppers and my husband had halibut. The scallops were good and the halibut was amazing.


Our dessert was my favorite part of the meal (surprise, surprise). I believe it was called a Violet au lait. It was a budino with chocolate. We devoured it even though we were so full.


Of course, people go to the Penthouse for the view, which was spectacular. 

But the best part of the experience wasn’t the view or even the food. It was the service. Our server was very knowledgable about both food and wine and she was very nice. The rest of the staff was attentive and ready to get you anything you wanted. When we walked in, the hostess didn’t act like we were idiots for trying to find a table on a beautiful Saturday evening, she just told us she would see what she could do. She seated us at a table that wasn’t by the window, but close enough to enjoy the view. The entire time we felt like they wanted us to be there even though by the time we left, the restaurant was packed with beautiful people waiting to get a table.

We had a wonderful time and we’ll definitely be back. Was it Worth a Babysitter? We ordered a lot of food and had cocktails so our bill was a little shocking. We weren’t paying a babysitter that night and instead did a babysitting trade with friends so we weren’t paying that extra money for someone to watch our kids. Still, if we were to go back for a special occasion like our anniversary, I would say that it was worth hiring a babysitter.

If you visit, make sure and to into the last stall of the ladies room. This is the view from the window.


Disclosure: I don’t have one. We tried it out on our own and it was delightful.



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