Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern – Something for Everyone In My Family

Cowboy burger at Jimmys Famous American Tavern

I have a husband and two kids and we all like to eat different things. Most of the time, when we eat dinner at home, we’ll of course serve one meal, and it’ll probably have something that’s somebody’s favorite, but no meal we make at home will be full of favorite things for everybody. We’re just too different.

I have one kid who somehow exists purely on bread and cheese (and the occasional calamari), and my other kid is man-sized and likes to eat all kinds of things. My husband loves carbs and likes to have a beer with his meal, and I need to avoid carbs, except I do like a nice glass of wine with my meal.

Going to Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern means we can all get our favorite things.

JFAT Jimmys Famous American Tavern

The food is terrific at Jimmy’s, and the menu offers choices we can all enjoy. For starters, three of us love Ahi Poke, and I know my husband would love the Whiskey Shrimp. The Buffalo BBQ Beef Meatballs are really good, and I would probably have to fight my teenager for a bite. Thank goodness they have calamari on the menu, too!

appetizers at Jimmys Famous American Tavern

Whiskey Shrimp, Meatballs and Ahi Poke

The burgers at Jimmy’s are enormous and delicious, and the Cowboy is amazing: bacon, cheddar, BBQ sauce and onion fritters. Perfect for my husband.

Cowboy burger at Jimmys Famous American Tavern

See what I mean about the burger?

I eat a lot of salads, so I’m always looking for something new. This Spice Crusted Seared Ahi is refreshing and tasty.

 Spice Crusted Seared Ahi at Jimmy's Famous American Tavern in Santa Monica

My teenager would love the Honey-Buttermilk Fried Chicken – and he can work it off a lot quicker than I could! Plus there are flatbreads for my bread-and-cheese guy.

Honey Buttermilk Fried Chicken from at Jimmy's Famous American Tavern in Santa Monica

Of course Jimmy’s also has killer desserts, like this over-the-top “Bananageddon.”

Bananageddon Jimmys Famous American Tavern in Santa Monica

This is the Bananageddon!

They also have a great deal running on Mondays at the Santa Monica location: only $14 for a burger and a beer from 3pm – closing. Not bad! 1733 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

wine at Jimmys Famous American Tavern


Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of MomsLA coFounders were invited to sample the menu at Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern at the Santa Monica location.



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