Johnnie’s Pastrami: A Classic Sandwich Joint in West LA

pastrami sandwich and fries at Johnnie's Pastrami

If you haven’t eaten at Johnnie’s Pastrami, it’s about time to get yourself over there. This classic diner has a vintage feel, long-time employees and some of the best Pastrami you’ll ever eat.

Johnnie's Pastrami sign

Located on a busy corner in between Mar Vista and Culver City, Johnnie’s was founded in 1952 by two brothers, and has been a popular hangout practically ever since. They claim the table-top jukeboxes are original! And sure, you may need to do an extra bit of cardio the next day, but it will be worth it.

I was first introduced to Johnnie’s by my husband, whose family has been fans for years. My Sister-in-Law has been known to stop there for lunch on her way from San Diego to Santa Barbara. And she may or may not plan the trip around the stop.

pickles and beer at Johnnie's Pastrami

Every meal at Johnnie’s starts off with a bowl of complimentary kosher-style pickles. (The beer is optional, but goes well with the pickles!) I like a good pickle myself, but apparently some people are such fans of Johnnie’s pickles they’ve been known to order them by the gallon. That’s true love.

Kids’ meals are served in these adorable paper cars, another fan favorite.

car for serving kids' meal at Johnnie's Pastrami

And check this out: Johnnie’s will be inducted into the Vienna Beef Hall of Fame because it turns out they sell a whole lot of Pastrami meat. Not surprised! Each sandwich is stuffed; they don’t skimp around here.

pastrami sandwich and fries at Johnnie's Pastrami

Despite their name, Johnnie’s actually serves more than just Pastrami; they’ve got burgers, hot dogs, Corned beef, steak sandwiches, chicken and shrimp as well. And obviously: fries.

Pro Tip: mix your ketchup with some of Johnnie’s very own house-made spicy mustard. It’s amazingly delicious.spicy mustard and ketchup at Johnnie's Pastrami

Johnnie’s Pastrami has a special distinction in a town known for restaurants that close early: they are open Late. Like until 3:30am on Fridays and Saturdays. That late. Enjoy!

Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of She was given complimentary meals for the purpose of this review.



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