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Kango: More than just Uber for Kids

This is a sponsored post.

Have you ever needed to be in two places at once? Like, sitting at your desk at work at the same time you need to pick up your kid from school and take her to soccer practice?

The Kango App offers a way to solve that problem, by giving parents a safe alternative ride for their kids – with the option of the driver who’s also a babysitter to stay with them as well. And Kango is expanding into more areas of Los Angeles, including Orange County.

Driver and kids in van Kango App

Kids Need Rides When We’re Busy

No matter what activities your kids have after school, it’s a pretty sure bet they are scheduled during your work day, when it’s not convenient for you to pick up and leave. Or if you’ve got more than one child, they might have different activities with overlapping schedules.

Plus, with Los Angeles’ notorious traffic, the time you spend rushing from place to place in the car is bound to be frustrating. Ordering an Uber ride for your kids might be a solution, but not all parents are comfortable with that.

Other than cloning ourselves, what options do we have for safe rides and care for our kids?

inside the van Kango with driver and kids

Kango Wants to be the Solution

Kango offers parents peace of mind regarding the safety of the rides their kids get with their service. They have created their Kango Safety Check that each driver and/or sitter must pass:

  • All drivers and sitters are certified via Trustline in California, which includes fingerprinting
  • All drivers and sitters must pass a Background check (which includes criminal and sex offender searches from multiple states, counties and databases as well as check for multiple aliases)
  • Kango runs a DMV check on each potential hire (from multiple states, counties and databases)
  • Kango requires a vehicle inspection
  • Kango screens their phones
  • Driver/sitters must provide two reference checks
  • They also go through an in-person interview
Kango driver helping kids get out of van

Parents Need to Feel Comfortable with the Choice

Because Kango wants to be sure you feel 100% comfortable, you can meet a driver/sitter ahead of time to make sure you connect and like them – and that your kid likes them, too.

You can do a “ride-along” with your child to test out the driver/sitter, and you can keep track of your child and their driver via the app – even using the app to send messages.

Bonus Feature: The Kango drivers are also sitters

Unlike other ride services, Kango drivers can also be your child’s babysitter. Let’s say you need a driver/sitter to pick up your kid from school, take her to soccer practice and wait until it’s over, then bring her home. Your sitter can then even wait with your child until you get home, helping with homework or just playing with and caring for your child.

And all of this would give you the time to finish up at work, knowing there’s someone trustworthy caring for your child.

Kango App: Drivers and Sitters for Kids

As the Kango App expands into more areas around Los Angeles and Southern California, you’ll have the chance to try them out, and learn more about their safety features and options for making your busy daily life easier.

Kango driver with kids walking outside van

Author Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of MomsLA. This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Kango. All photos courtesy of Kango.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.