Kirby Robobot Nintendo Event

Kirby Nintendo Event in Culver City in June, 2016

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When I told my kids what I did on Wednesday they were momentarily speechless; I went to an event where kids sat on bean bags playing Kirby Robobot on Nintendo 3DS and ate fancy candy.  “Wow,” they said when could find their words. “That sounds like the perfect day.”

Kirby Nintendo Event in Culver City in June, 2016

Nintendo 3DS with Kirby Robobot, photo op Kirby, inflatable Kirby, fancy candy, and Peyton List from Disney’s “Bunk’d’ who is starring in the upcoming feature “The Thinning.”

I have to admit that it was a pretty fun day. The kids at the event appeared to have a great time playing the new Kirby Robobot, a sci-fi action adventure game for Nintendo 3DS and I had a great time seeing old blogger friends and eating gluten free sandwiches. I didn’t bring my boys with me because I had already signed them up for non-refundable camp not realizing that my younger son loves Kirby. I brought home two Kirby shirts from the event and he’s worn both of them twice already.


We get to review the game next week so hopefully that will make up for not taking them to the party (I personally think that feeding and sheltering them makes up for it, but I don’t think they would agree.). The new Kirby game features, for the first time, a robobot armor that Kirby can jump into that lets him throw pills and mix concoctions. It also allows play through different areas of Planet Popstar in Story Mode, each containing several stages. The kids playing the game at the event barely looked up from their devices, which I think must mean it’s a pretty fun game.

I’ll let you know soon what my kids think after we get the game next week.

Kirby Planet Robobot

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