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LA Moms Share Their Favorite Mother’s Day Gifts

Yolanda Machado's best mother's day gift

The Mother’s Day gift I remember most was not from my husband or my kids. It was from my brother. He is seven years older and has always been kind of a father figure, kind of a surly older brother. For my first Mother’s Day, he gave me earrings and a beautiful card that said how proud he was of the woman I was and what a great mom he knew that I would become. I was so blown away by it I called my sister to ask if our brother had a terminal illness we didn’t know about (he didn’t). I think about it every time I wear those earrings.

What was the most memorable Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received? I asked our Los Angeles Mom Blogger friends that question and here’s what they said:

“I got a card from my MIL with a gift card to my favorite salon, and note inside that said “Go take care of those roots. It’s on me!”  – Nancy Romine Minkler, Calibamamom

Yolanda Machado's best mother's day gift

“A friend who is a radio producer made an audio recording of my son talking about favorite memories of him and me together. She was also a great photographer and she made a CD cover with his portrait on it. It was very sweet. I also got a hand-made plastic heart jewelry box which my son had glued fake gems onto. All of the charms fell off within a day or two, so I keep them inside the heart and still treasure it.” – K. Pearson Brown, Out With Mommy

“My most favorite is my first Mother’s day at the spa. I received jewelry and a nice note. It was extremely special.” – Alma Bosek, Field Trip Mom

Marsha Takeda-Morrison's favorite Mother's Day gift.

“Perfect. A blanket. You know one of those thick fluffy blankets that you see being sold on the street corners in the valley? I open that up and I was all, ‘What the f..k is that s..t you got me a g…..n blanket for Mother’s Day?’ But now, almost 20 years later, I still use that blanket. I love that blanket on a cold night. I snuggle under that blanket and I say, ‘Thank you, Taj’ under my breath every single night. The blanket lasted longer than he did.” – Adrienne Van Houten, Adrienne’s House

“‘Coupons for Free Stuff” made by my son… included: one free chore, 10 free hugs, 1 free movie, 3 hours of free art, 1.5 hours of no screen time! Anything he makes for me is the best gift.” – Jeannine Chanin Penn, XOJ9 Creative

“I’m that mom who likes for my husband to take the kids away from me on Mother’s Day since I am with them so often.” – Kim Tracy Prince, Agoura Hills Mom and KTP

“Vitamix!” – Mary Kay Holmes, Daily Hot Guy

Jill Simonian's favorite Mother's Day gift

“I got to spend Mother’s Day with my kids at Six Flags. All I wanted was rollercoasters and short lines. I’m not a gift person. I buy myself pretty much everything I need and most of what I want. Jessica Gottlieb

“A beautiful bird bath. It’s in our garden outside my front window. Everyday I look out and see those birds in the water doing their thing. Love it.” – Lian Dolan

They got my car detailed and I was over the moon.”– Liz Dwyer, Los Angelista

What is the Mother’s Day gift you remember most?



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