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LAUSD And Planned Parenthood Provide Birth Control at Roosevelt High Clinic; What Do You Think?

clinic lausd planned parenthood mom bloggers los angeles

clinic lausd planned parenthood mom bloggers los angelesRoosevelt High School opened a health clinic in partnership with Planned Parenthood that allows students to be screened for sexually transmitted diseases, have a pregnancy test, and receive birth control.

It came about after a nurse at the school recognized the need for this kind of counseling and medical care and reached out to Planned Parenthood for help. The school is the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles and is home to mostly low income Latino students and, according to the LATimes article about the clinic, Latino families need and want access to information about health care. 

Personally, I am thrilled that there is an option for teens that isn’t simply telling them ‘Don’t have sex.’ It’s unrealistic. What is realistic and reasonable is to give kids information and resources so they can make smart choices.

One girl in the story said that she was at the clinic because she didn’t want to get pregnant. Thank God there is a place for her to go and get help so she doesn’t end up with a baby she doesn’t want and can’t care for. In an ideal world she would be able to go to her mother and say that she was planning on having sex, her mother would convince her to wait until she was in a stable loving relationship, and she wouldn’t have sex until she was at least 18. Or the mother would take her daughter to the family doctor and get birth control. But many kids don’t have that kind of relationship with their parents and many parents don’t have insurance and can’t pay out of pocket.The clinic is funded by public money through Planned Parenthood.

The story about the clinic story ran on the LA Times website, but was quickly picked up by news organizations and blogs. As of 9 am, there were 998 comments on CBS Los Angeles and the LA Times had 249 comments to the original story. Some were frightening and racist, some said it wasn’t LAUSD’s place to give children drugs, and some were in favor of it.

But I’m wondering, what the Mothers in Los Angeles think about this partnership? What would you do if your son or daughter came home and said they received birth control or condoms after a visit to a clinic at their school?

Yvonne Condes is the Editor and co-Founder of MomsLA, a Community of the Top Mom Bloggers in Los Angeles.




  1. Jennifer 9 June, 2012 at 08:12 Reply

    I like what you wrote about an ideal world where daughters and mothers can have open and frank discussions, but we know that not all families have a positive outlook or healthy interrelationships. Adolescence is such a tricky time, I think it’s nice for girls to have options.

  2. Karen 9 June, 2012 at 13:58 Reply

    I think it’s a good idea to have a health center on campus and access to birth control, but I find it very disturbing that they can inject those girls with drugs without parental consent. Everybody here thinks this is a great idea because it’s not their daughter who might be persuaded to get a shot that could have dangerous side effects. Look up Depo-Provera. They always push that drug on poor women and women of color, despite the proven side effects.

  3. Caryn B 11 June, 2012 at 21:29 Reply

    Ugh…until I have a teenager, I don’t know that I can form an opinion about this b/c my gut tells me that parents should be knowing about this….

  4. Presley's Pantry 12 June, 2012 at 22:38 Reply

    I live 5 minutes from this campus and am glad the young women of my community have an option. Most of them are having sex and acting very grown up…. this has all lead to an over populated community of people who struggle to get by in life. Birth control will help so many young girls have a shot at a future without the responsibility of trying to raise a baby at the same time.

  5. The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful 12 June, 2012 at 23:30 Reply

    I support Planned Parenthood and I think there are a lot of teens out there who have to get by on the kindness of strangers unfortunately. There are many homes where teens cannot get help from their parents for a variety of reasons. This seems like a very practical solution to me.

  6. Donna 16 June, 2012 at 11:05 Reply

    As you know, I am an openly liberal, fairly non-judgemental person, who supports both public education and Planned Parenthood. But my daughter resists all my efforts to have a converrsation about sex, preventing pregnancy and STDs. Which is natural. So I personally would love to know there was a Planned Parenthood clinic on her campus so she could have access to neutral professionals who could answer her questions and help her if she needs it.

  7. Melissa 20 June, 2012 at 16:04 Reply

    I think its great. I would prefer my kids not have sex but I am sure my parents would have prefered the same and yeah it didn’t happen. We can say don’t do it but thats not realistic and we cannot ensure without a doubt that they won’t so the next best option is helping them make good choices. I think its important for us as moms to have a good open relationship with out children male and female but I also don’t think having access to a clinic is a bad idea. I would rather they are safe no matter where it comes from and if having easy access helps prevent STD’s and pregnancy then I am all for it.

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