LAX Terminal Shuffle Happening May 12-17: Travelers Be Aware

LAX countdown

“Next week, LAX will undertake one of the largest airline relocations of an operating airport in aviation history.”

That was how Mayor Eric Garcetti began a press conference today, along with Board of Airport Commissioners President Sean Burton, Los Angeles World Airport Chief Executive Officer Deborah Flint and Delta Air Lines Vice President of Sales-West Ranjan Goswami to provide further details about the ongoing LAX Airline Relocation, in which 21 airlines will change terminals, 15 of them over a five-day period next week.

LAX countdown

The finely choreographed events take place as Delta Air Lines relocates from Terminals 5 and 6 to Terminals 2 and 3, with much thanks to unprecedented coordination and cooperation among the airlines involved.

The end result will be more efficient airline operations and planned facility improvements for Terminals 2 and 3.

The activity taking place on the nights of May 12, 14 and 16, into the early morning hours the following day, has been planned for nearly a year. And here’s what you need to know to make sure your experience at LAX is as smooth as possible.

LAX: What You Need To Know

There will be new Neon Green vans that will shuttle passengers exclusively between terminals 2 & 3 and 5 & 6. There will be 500 new Wayfinding signs showing the way to the airline you’re looking for. There will be extra LAX staff on hand to help you find your way as well. There is also a Free LAX “A” bus shuttling between terminals every 10 minutes, 24-hours per day.

But you will need to plan ahead: Check with your airline to see which terminal they are currently located in. Read your tickets and boarding passes carefully. Most importantly, plan to arrive extra early, just in case you’re not sure which terminal you’re going to.

More information about the relocation, including a fact sheet and a map showing the airline locations as of May, 17, 2017 (following the moves) is available at LAX is Happening.

Mayor Eric Garcetti at LAX press conference

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