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Learning Japanese Online for Kids With Asian Language School

This post was brought to you by Asian Language School, a fun way for kids to learn to speak Japanese.

Having my kids learn a language is a priority for me, but with homework and after school activities, it can be hard to find the time. Asian Language School offers Japanese classes for children in a virtual classroom that you can do from your home on your schedule.

As part of this post, my son took a couple of beginning Japanese lessons. We started out by registering at Asian Language School and picking a class.

My son had private Japanese lessons with Yoshiko who was a great teacher!

My son is quiet and she was very patient with him. They started out by introducing themselves. Yoshiko lives in Australia, where Asian Language School is based. She asked about his familiarity with the Japanese language and culture – Does he like anime? does he have friends who speak Japanese? Does anyone at home speak Japanese?

The answer to those questions was “no” so he started out at the very beginning level. He learned to say “hello” and “goodbye,” “please” and “thank you” as well as numbers and colors.

She also talked about Japan and told him about Mt. Fuji, the tallest Mountain in the country. He also learned words for weather, different foods and some phrases.

Japanese Learning Games

After each lesson, Yoshiko sent him the slides she used in class. She also sent a song he could listen to and learn. Another day, she sent him a link to a language game he could play on his own.

Having access to the slides allowed him to practice at home when class wasn’t in session. There’s no book required for the class.

My son wasn’t excited at first about learning Japanese, but when the second class was over he said it was good and he liked Yoshiko, which for him is saying a lot. I liked it because he was on his computer in his room, but also learning something.

Another thing I really liked is that we didn’t have to spend an hour in traffic to get to a tutor and I didn’t have to host someone at our house. All I did was download the Zoom video conference app to his computer (you can also use a tablet) and join the conversation.

How Can Your Child Start Learning Japanese?

Asian Language School is an affordable alternative to in-person classes. The term fee is $240 for private classes, which include eight weekly 60-minute lessons. There is also an option for 30-minute classes that works better for younger children. Make sure and ask about the sibling discount.

By using Zoom, children can form a group class with their friends and learn together, each at their own house, while enjoying a cost that is 30%  less than the rate for private classes.

The school recommends taking 4 terms annually. It’s 12 courses from beginning to advanced.

Parents interested in enrolling a student, can start with a trial lesson to see if the class is right for your child.

For more information, visit Asian Language School or call (773) 887-2827.

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Asian Language School. All opinions are my own. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.