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#MakeBetter Challenge; How to Fight Fatigue

holly perkins sarah auerswald makebetter

holly perkins sarah auerswald makebetter

We are now nearing the end of week 3 of the #MakeBetter Challenge. Sarah and I have both lost a couple of pounds and we’re feeling stronger and healthier. But it’s exhausting. Last week I asked our trainer, Fitness Expert Holly Perkins what I could do to fight fatigue. Next week, our nutritionist, Celebrity Dietician Ashley Koff RD, gives us tips to avoid stress eating.

YvonneI’m so tired! I’ve upped my workouts and I can feel it. I was just doing 3 to 4 (okay, 3) days a week of cardio before and now I’ve added your Fitness 360 Total Tone workout twice a week, I’m exhausted. Any tips to help fight fatigue?

Holly – I think it’s important to look deeper than simply “What can I do to fight fatigue?” It’s important to figure out WHY you’re fatigued, because therein lies the solution.

Many people think they are getting into better shape during the time when they are actually working out.  The truth is that the goal of any workout is to tax your body beyond it’s current ability. Then, when you go home, eat, and recover your body restores to a new level of fitness. Therefore, fitness occurs during recovery! Because we introduced new workouts to your program, your body is being taxed beyond what it’s used to. This is great! It means that when you do recover you will be stronger, faster, better, fantastic-er.

I suspect that one reason for your current fatigue could be that your body is working on recovering. The moments of fatigue are actually the moments when you are growing fitter. The challenge is that you need to workout through the fatigue until it passes.  Once it does, you’ll feel amazing. In the meantime, my go-to fatigue fighters: drink extra water, don’t abuse caffeine, eat regularly, breathe deep into your belly and mentally talk yourself through it.

When you have 10 minutes, do the Yoga Energizer that is on your Fitness 360 DVD.  While it’s short, it really helps to boost energy – for real. Sometimes all you need is 10 minutes to turn it around. And yes, you CAN take 10 minutes even if your day is super busy!

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