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Last summer, I challenged my kids to be more active. I made a declaration that we were going to run a mile at least 5 times a week. Well, like many of my family declarations (we’re never eating out again!) it didn’t go as I had planned. We went running about 10 times all summer long. This summer, I’m going to have some help. We joined the Marathon Kids running club and the goal is to run up to four marathons.

Marathon Kids is non-profit organization that gives kids tools to lead happy, healthier lives. Nike became an official Marathon Kids sponsor last year and I learned about the organization at an event last Saturday. About 2,000 kids from the Los Angeles Unified School District gathered together at the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex stadium in downtown Los Angeles. It was pretty spectacular. Kids from preschool age to high school ran a mile as part of Marathon Kids program. 

marathon kidsThe Marathon Kids program encourages kids to run the equivalent of 4 marathons over the course of a 3-, 6-, or 9-month period. They are encouraged to continue running even when school is not in session.

Goerganne Moline, who was on the 2012 U. S. Olympic track team, was at the event to inspire the young runners. She said that running was wonderful for her when she was a teenager. “I started running in high school,” she said. “Growing up I wasn’t the most popular kid. I felt like I really fit in when I ran.”

Running is a great way for kids to keep active and out of trouble during the summer months. She recommended running first thing in the morning while it’s still cool outside. “You feel better after you run…Your day is started, you’ve got your blood pumping. You feel so much better.”

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I was so inspired by the program that I signed us up!* For all three of us (me and my two boys) it’s $45 for the 6-month program ($58 dollars with shipping and tax), which includes a family guide and running log. And this is what we can all earn during that time:

  • Marathon #1 (26.2 miles): “26.2 and counting” Nike T-shirt
  • Marathon #2 (52.4 miles): Exclusive “52.4” Nike shoelaces
  • Marathon #3 (78.6 miles): Exclusive “78.6” Nike shoe deubres (shoe tag)
  • Marathon #4 (104.8 miles): Exclusive “104.8” Nike bracelet

We’re not going to wait until June to start the program and I hope to get us out the door and running as soon as our kit arrives. If you’d like to learn more about Marathon Kids, listen to the MomsLA Podcast where I interview Christine Pollei, CEO of Marathon Kids  and Caitlin Morris, senior director for community impact for North America at Nike. Or visit Marathon Kids and sign up as a family,  for your school or as a group.

*This is NOT a sponsored post. I went to the event because I was interested and I signed up and paid because I think it will be a fun thing to do with my boys.

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