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Metro Los Angeles Purple Line Construction

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The Metro line from downtown to Santa Monica just opened and it’s already had a huge impact on my family’s life. We can now ride on the bike path from West Los Angeles to the beach and we can take the train from the Westside all the way downtown. I’m personally very excited about more lines opening up all over town. But first, they need to build it.

Opening day of Metro line to Santa Monica

Construction of Metro’s Purple Line Subway Extension is well underway.  From the current terminus at Wilshire/Western, the Purple Line Extension will extend westward for about nine miles with seven new stations. It will provide a high-capacity, high-speed, dependable alternative for those traveling to and from LA’s “second downtown,” including destinations such as Miracle Mile, Beverly Hills, Century City and Westwood.

You may have noticed that the Purple Line Extension Subway Project has been engaged in construction activities along Wilshire and La Brea since August 2013.  Work began with advanced utility relocation (AUR) activities, followed by major subway construction in late 2015 with pile installation. The underground piles form the support structure for the excavation of the subway station box at Wilshire/La Brea.


This month, the next step of the construction begins, which is decking. Decking is a construction process that entails excavating the street and sidewalks, and replacing them with temporary concrete deck panels.

The deck panels will serve as the temporary roadway and sidewalk while underground work and excavation continues. This will allow traffic to continue to flow while maintaining access to sidewalks and driveways, as construction continues underground.

In the Wilshire/La Brea area, decking will occur on Wilshire Blvd. stretching from Detroit St., through the La Brea Intersection, to Orange Dr. This work – excavating Wilshire and placing steel beams and deck panels across the street – started this month and will occur over the span of 22 weekends. Sidewalk access will be maintained with intermittent closures.

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Metro Los Angeles. For more information on the Purple Line Extension, visit or Metro Los Angeles on Facebook



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  1. Jesse 18 June, 2016 at 22:19 Reply

    It’s so great that our wonderful city is getting improvements to its much needed public transportation system. With this new purple line extension reaching out towards Westside, It’s going to really help me get around without my car! So excited!

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