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Mölkky, The Outdoor Game You Need to Be Playing With Your Kids

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What a Unique Outdoor Game!

When we started working with Life Without Pink to host the CLIF Kids Out to Play Playdate we wanted to plan a morning of fun where kids could enjoy a beautiful playground, healthy snacks, as well as some unique additional activities. We knew we had the healthy snacks covered with CLIF Kids bars but what could we play with the kids that would be unique and different?

About that time, I got an email about this new to the United States game, Mölkky. Mölkky is an outdoor skittles game created in Finland. Now, we know what you’re thinking… an outdoor game in Finland? But yes… something about the game’s ease of play and portability made it instantly popular. It’s been a hit among kids in Europe for almost 20 years and now it’s making its way to the United States and New Jersey. I wasted no time asking the makers to send it to us. I just had a sense that it would be a hit with the kids.

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We had two sets we set up for play at different spots at Jake’s Place. We set them up with the directions nearby. I wanted to see if kids would take to it spontaneously. And they did! They had a fantastic time tossing the skittle, seeing pins drop, and adding up their scores. Would they get one point or multiple points? Who would hit 50 points first? Would anyone go over? This game was part chance, part skill, but all entertainment for the kids and parents that played along.

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It was a great playdate, made even better by having the Mölkky. In fact, my kids loved it so much that now it’s always with me. With random playground visits, it’s going to be one more tool I have in my arsenal to keep my kids busy and burn off energy. In fact, you just might see the Mölkky at our next event.

How to Play Mölkky

Mölkky is easy to learn and play. The twelve wooden pins can easily stand anywhere there’s grass, sand, or pavement.

  • Reach 50 points — The goal is to get exactly 50 points by knocking down pins numbered one through 12.
  • Scoring is simple — It’s easy but involves problem-solving and strategy skills.
    • Knockdown multiple pins and you get one point per pin.
    • Knockdown just one pin to get points equal to the pin’s number.
    • Go over 50 and you get knocked down . . . back to 25 points.
  • Resetting pins — After a player’s turn, the pins are reset in the spots where they land. The “board” is constantly changing and no two turns are the same.
  • Clean-up — After playtime clean-up is easy. Wipe off mud and scuffs with a damp rag. The pins, the Mölkky skittle (throwing pin), and directions can all be packed up in the traveling case and it even has a rope handle.

About Mölkky

It is an outdoor throwing game based on a combination of chance and throwing accuracy.

Some additional information about Mölkky:

  • The game includes a pine wood carrying/storage case, 12 Mölkky solid Birch pins, one throwing pin, instructions, and a scorebook. It weighs just under 10 pounds and takes up just over the space of a typical shoe box.
  • It’s the #1 selling outdoor game in Europe.
  • Mölkky is recommended for at least 2 players and up to a group of 26.
  • It’s made of 100% natural and sustainable, durable European hardwoods. Because of the strength of the Birchwood, the product does not break or chip when being played.
  • The game is designed to be played on grass, gravel, beach sand, dirt, or any outdoor surface.
  • It’s recommended for ages 6+.
  • Mölkky is made in Finland.
  • You can purchase the Mölkky online from the Grommet.
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Where Would You Play with the Mölkky?

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