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8 Reasons Moms Deserve an Oscar

trophy (photo by Wendy Kennar)

It’s Oscar season. And even if you’re not directly involved with the “industry,” you know someone who is. You’re connected to all the hoopla. Or, at the very least, you’re aware that certain streets (including Highland and Hollywood and the surrounding area) will be closed leading up to the February 22nd event.

While I was reviewing some of this year’s nominations, I realized that most of these roles are filled by moms, each and every day. Without any fanfare, without a celebratory day of primping and pampering by a personal stylist, we’re doing what needs to be done. So to all the moms out there, these Oscars are for you:

Best performance by an actress in a lead role:  You’ve got lines of dialogue to deliver, stunts to perform. Your performance is absolutely pivotal. You rally the troops. Without you, there wouldn’t be a show.

Best performance by an actress in a supporting role:  Even when you’re not on stage, even when there are other players involved, it’s still you who delivers the riveting performance. What you contribute, makes it possible for the rest of your cast to shine.

Costume design:  It is you who has final say in the outfits worn for the all important holiday greeting card picture. You who can “aye” or “nay” your child’s choice for picture day. You who make sure your family is appropriately dressed whether you’re attending a backyard barbecue at your cousin’s house, a Saturday afternoon wedding, a dinner meeting with the boss, or a parent/teacher conference.

Directing:  You’ve got the vision. You can see the final goal. You can focus on the small details necessary to ensure you achieve that coveted big picture. You call the shots. You offer insight, advice, direction to encourage your family to produce their best performances; you know what they’re capable of even if they don’t.

Makeup and hairstyling:  For yourself, you transform from what my son calls “Morning Mommy” to “Daytime Mommy” (he read those phrases in a book). Additionally, you keep the rest of your family looking their best. You keep tabs on who needs a haircut and then follow-through making sure they get their hair cut. You keep an eye out for errant ketchup at the corner of a mouth, milk mustaches, and bed head. And you have remedies for them all.

Music:  You provide the soundtrack for your days.  While you’re driving, cooking, cleaning.  The right music (which is sometimes none at all) helps set the tone for an on-time morning, a peaceful family dinner, an afternoon spent cleaning out the garage.

Production design:  You’re in charge of creating the overall look for your family and your home. You create the sets, the props, all the details that go from transforming a house into a home.

Writing (Original Screenplay):  The note to your child’s teacher. A thank you card to your mother-in-law. An email to the room parent at your child’s school. You know how to say it all with tact and grace.

There are moments, there are days, even weeks, when life seems to be one continuous endurance test. We feel like we’re on a treadmill that is going increasingly fast. It can be easy to forget why we got on in the first place. Our lives become full of details and complications. But, those very details are the things that make our one-woman show a true ensemble act and worth all the energy.

To all the moms, your hard work is noticed and appreciated. Congratulations on your awards!


Wendy Kennar (388 Posts)

Wendy is a freelance writer who finds inspiration in her nine-year-old son and from her experiences from her twelve-year teaching career. Her writing has appeared in several publications and anthologies, both in print and online. She prefers sunflowers to roses and thinks chocolate is okay at any meal. You can find her at wendykennar.com.

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