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MomsLA MakeBetter; A Mom Makeover for Better Health

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Sometimes you just have to decide to make a change and focus on you! Sarah and I are thrilled to announce that we have just embarked on a nine-month journey to better health: The MomsLA MakeBetter. We’ll track our progress through blog posts, weekly vlogs, and video updates.

We had originally called it the MomsLA Makeover, but really it’s so much more. We are working with registered dietician and author, Ashley Koff, and fitness expert and trainer, Holly Perkins. Together they’ll show us how to be more conscious of what we are putting into our bodies and how to make them work better for us through strength training and exercise.

We won’t be making ourselves over; we’ll be making ourselves better.

As moms, we’re always concentrating on our kids. In fact, we recently made a video that asked us to name three things we did for ourselves on a regular basis. We couldn’t name three things.

Now that our kids are back to school, it’s time to get Back to Mom. There’s nothing urgently wrong with Sarah or me. We have no glaring health problems or obesity. But we want to turn the focus on us and how we can be healthier people and as a result help our family to be healthier.

We’re at different stages of our lives and both have different fitness and nutrition goals. So we’ll be filling you in separately about our progress; both our hurdles and our victories.

We can’t wait to share with you how we do!

Yvonne Condes and Sarah Auerswald are the co-Founders of MomsLA, a Community of the Top Mom Bloggers in Los Angeles and Southern California.

{We are not being compensated for this post or this MakeBetter program; however, New Balance, SmartyPants vitamins, PureBar and Promax are providing products we will use on our journey.}




  1. Shannon Colleary 14 September, 2012 at 08:46 Reply

    Yvonne and Sarah this is fantastic. I genuinely want to watch you do this — not because I’m in the MomsLa community, but because this sounds exactly like what I want for myself. I’m going to subscribe so I can keep up with you and I will spread the word! xo S

  2. Jasmine Forte 14 September, 2012 at 09:03 Reply

    I love this! The fact that you said it’s NOT a MAKE OVER it’s a MAKE BETTER is AWESOME! I will be following your progress and wish you both the best during your journey! xoxo

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