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Eleven years ago I bought this house as a single woman with a dog. I was only planning to stay another 2 years in Los Angeles and then make my way back to New York City. I wasn’t happy here, I came for a job not the LA life. I missed my family and friends and the energy of NYC…but certainly things don’t always go as planned in life, do they?

My dog is now 13-years-old, hard of hearing, has aching hips and missing half his teeth. I have a 9-year-old son who is the absolute love of my life, a husband of 1.5 years (yes that is backwards!) who is the second love of my life, my dog, 2 guinea pigs and a Russian tortoise. I do not have the big Creative Director job at TBWA/Chiat Day (or the paycheck) I had when I bought this house 11 years ago, I no longer have my father (or my mother who died in 1989), I have aching hips like my dog and I always look tired.

Old dog... empty house:(

We just sold the house…we are moving out this weekend. (Still looking for where if anyone knows a great house for rent in Santa Monica… also not planned!) I look at the piles of boxes, the things, the dishes, the books, the clothes, the art and so much more and have a rush of memories and thoughts. But what is not in those boxes is what matters most…my greatest joy which is the family I have made here. And as sad as I may be about ending this chapter in some ways, I am also happy for what I have and what is to come.

If this was the path that it took to have my son and meet my husband and create xoj9 … I would not change a thing even if it didn’t go according to the plan.

Jeannine Chanin-Penn… xoj9 | event curator | smart & beautiful events…
My son, my husband, lobster & the color purple make me happy…


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  1. Alexandra 4 November, 2011 at 11:12 Reply

    Now you’re on to the next adventure – I loved my home that was so spacious until I added dog husband and son, and packing up the memories is so emotional, I feel ya xoxo

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