My Little Pony: The Movie

My LIttle Pony Review

Our family was recently invited to attend a screening of the My Little Pony: The Movie, coming out in theaters Friday, October 6th. It was Charlotte’s very first movie in theaters, so we were all very excited to see if she would like it.

When we arrived, there was the most adorable balloon headband station where girls could ask for their favorite pony. As My Little Pony newbs, Charlotte asked for a Blue & Orange Pony and the balloon artist made the most beautiful Rainbow Dash. There were a lot of girls running around with various My Little Pony characters on their heads. It was the most fun and adorable way to start the premiere.

Just outside the theatre there were complimentary concessions of popcorn and water. Charlotte had never had movie theater popcorn before so she went to town during the movie. I was worried that Charlotte wouldn’t be able to sit more than 10-20 minutes but the movie was so colorful, fun, and entertaining that her eyes were glued to the screen! This was the perfect movie for her first time in a theater.

My Little Pony: The Movie was heartwarming, entertaining, and had such a wonderful message for everyone. Twilight Sparkles (Tara Strong) starts the movie feeling very insecure about her own magic. When there is an evil threat to her beautiful town, Equestria, Twilight Sparkles and her friends have to embark on a journey to save their home. Throughout the journey you see Twilight Sparkles and the rest of her gang find out what it means to be friends, show bravery, and share a little bit of love for those around them. It is only when Twilight Sparkles and her friends truly believe all those things that they are able to save their home and all those who live in Equestria.

I am trying to be really careful about the movies I show Charlotte and the messages that each movie delivers, and My Little Pony fit the bill. The entire movie was about how these brave ponies needed to go out into the unknown and save their loved ones. They used their intelligence, bravery, friendship, and kindness to save the day AND make new friends along the way. The film was very well written with great animations and songs. I’m excited for this movie to come out in theaters so Charlotte’s friends can go and see it!



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