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Summer Streaming on Netflix Family

We love Summer because here in SoCal we can get out and do so many fun things as a family! But there are some days when it’s too hot to play outside, or just some days when you and the kids need a break and you just want to stream a show!

Netflix Family has got you covered with their Summer 2023 lineup. MomsLA got a sneak peek at all the titles coming out, and they range from shows preschoolers (and their parents) will love, to shows Tweens and Teens will enjoy as well!

Netflix Family Summer Lineup

As part of the Netflix Family Summer lineup featuring new kids and family films and series every week this summer, Netflix will debut the first animated feature film based on the popular Miraculous series with Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie.

More superheroes join the summer slate with Netflix’s first original animated series from Africa, Supa Team 4, about four teen girls who happen to be undercover superheroes living in the neo-futuristic African city of Lusaka. 

For the baking connoisseurs, The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge is the latest installment in the celebrated Nailed It universe and will emerge fresh out of the oven later this summer.

And family favorite series Is It Cake? returns for a second season with Is It Cake, Too? on June 30 along with an exclusive “Is It Cake? or Is It Wax?” special exhibit at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas Wax Museum from June 30 – July 4.


Check out the whole Netflix Family Summer Lineup here.

Bonus: Parents and caregivers can find fun & games, educational activities, and free printables for kids of all ages and stages featuring characters from their favorite films and series on

Highlights and Release Dates of the Netflix Family Summer Lineup

Summer was made for family movie nights, and Netflix has families covered with new films and limited series including: 

June 30: Is It Cake, Too? (Series)

Deception is the name of the game for the world’s most talented bakers who will compete to create hyper-realistic cakes that look exactly like everyday objects – with cash on the line. But are they good enough to deceive a panel of celebrity judges… and you? You’ll be asking yourself ‘is it real?’ Or…Is It Cake?”

This June: Nimona (Film)

Based On the Graphic Novel By: ND Stevenson.

When a knight in a futuristic medieval world is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, the only one who can help him prove his innocence is Nimona — a mischievous teen who happens to be a shapeshifting creature he’s sworn to destroy.

July 28: Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie (Film)

The first feature film based on the globally beloved Miraculous franchise, Miraculous: Ladybug & Cat Noir, The Movie follows ordinary teenager Marinette, whose life in Paris goes superhuman when she becomes Ladybug. Bestowed with magical powers of creation, Ladybug must unite with her opposite, Cat Noir, to save Paris as a new villain unleashes chaos unto the city.

July 13: Sonic Prime (Series)

The action-packed adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog go into overdrive when a run-in with Dr. Eggman results in a literal universe-shattering event. Desperate to piece his prime reality back together and save his old friends, Sonic races through the Shatterverse, discovering strange worlds and enlisting new friends in an epic adventure of a lifetime!

July 20 Supa Team 4 (Series)

Four teen girls living in the neo-futuristic African city of Lusaka are recruited by a retired secret agent still committed to saving the world… even if it’s on a budget. In their journey from school girls tackling homework to undercover superheroes fending off supervillains, they’re transformed from a motley crew of friends into Supa Team 4!

August 7: Gabby’s Dollhouse (Series)

Gabby and her best pal Pandy Paws meet fairies, find treasure and go on wild adventures inside her super-special dollhouse. Come play and sing along!

August 18: The Monkey King (Film)

The Monkey King is an action-packed family comedy that follows a charismatic Monkey and his magical fighting Stick on an epic quest for victory over 100 demons, an eccentric Dragon King, and Monkey’s greatest foe of all —his own ego! Along the way, a young village girl challenges his self-centered attitude and shows him that even the smallest pebble can have a big effect on the world.

Coming This Summer: The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge (Series)

After 7 seasons of eating A LOT of debatably edible treats, Nicole and Jacques are ready to up the ante and give a group of motivated but inexperienced bakers the opportunity of a lifetime. Over the course of 10 episodes, Nicole and Jacques will provide 10 bakers with every tool and resource they need to go from OH NO to PRO. They’ll be coached by world-renowned pastry chefs and be given the training necessary for a professional baker to succeed. The stakes and bakes are higher than ever because only the best bakers will make it to the end and compete for a huge cash prize that can help make their baking dreams come true!

Father’s Day Specials on Netflix (for older kids and adults)

Celebrate this Father’s Day with the latest titles perfect for fathers looking to unwind after a busy day of being a great dad. Whether he’s a fan of thrilling non-stop action or entertaining sports commentary, these releases are great for all dads alike: 

FUBAR (May 25): Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, when a father and daughter learn that they’ve each secretly been working as CIA Operatives for years, they realize their entire relationship has been a lie and they truly don’t know one another at all. Forced to team up as partners, the series tackles universal family dynamics set against a global backdrop of spies, action and humor.

Break Point: Part 2 (June 21): More episodes featuring some of the world’s most talented tennis players as they swing for greatness arrive this June.

The Night Agent (Now Streaming): In this popular Netflix series, a vigilant FBI answers a call that plunges him into a deadly conspiracy involving a mole at the White House.  

MomsLA was given access to sneak peeks of the Netflix Family Summer Lineup for this post.

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