New moms will appreciate anything you give them during the holidays because, let’s face it, they’re kind of a mess. Even the littlest trinket will go a long way to remind her that she’s a magic woman. Here are a few top choices for New Mom Holiday Gifts from around the web and Los Angeles.

Fancy slippers to make her feel extra loved and cozy. Or a fine French scarf. Just stay away from clothes and focus on accessories because nothing will fit right in those first couple of months.

The Cassie Scarf from Sézane is one of the great gifts for new moms this holiday.

The Cassy Scarf from Sézane

A wide array of beauty products to help get her hormones back in check and cleanse all of the neuroses from her mind.

A fun tote bag to help her stay organized.

The rose canvas tote bag from will make any new mom feel special. #holidaygiftguide #newmomgift #christmasgifts #holidaygifts

The rose tote bag from

A sweet vintage lamp to give her one last boost of nesting energy.

Sparking Wine + Sparkling Infused Candy. Enough said.

The perfect gift for mom - sparkling wine and sparkling infused candy. #holidaygifts #giftsformom #christmasgifts

Sparking wine and candy from

Juice and vitamins to help her stay on top of her game.

Lux workout clothes because eventually—not anytime soon, but eventually—she’ll want to start exercising again.

What mom wouldn't love this lovely outfit from OurdoorVoices? #momgifts #holidaygifts #christmasgifts #giftsformom

A cozy workout combo from OutdoorVoices

A pretty mug to hold all of the coffee she’ll be drinking.

Funny, lighthearted essays to keep her brain pumping a little. (contains an amazon affiliate link)

A facial or massage, etc. Anything that’ll get her to relax. Try to coordinate with family members so someone’s actually watching the baby while Mama gets some R&R.

Beautifully designed pajamas and sleep accessories because she will take sleep very, very seriously.

Eye mask from The Glad Hours

Or drop off a simple dinner or order takeout from her favorite local spot.  

Happy Holidays!

The new mom holiday gift guide



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