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New Year 2019 – Resolutions, Health, Fitness in Los Angeles

If you’d like to make a resolutions or reinvent yourself in the new year, Los Angeles is the place to do it. Are you looking to get fit? You can workout with baby and kids or find a great gym perfect for mom on her own. Want to start a mindfulness meditation program? There are plenty to choose from. Or get organized? Or get out more in 2019? We’d love to help you be the best version of your already awesome self so here’s our Guide to 2019 Health and Fitness in Los Angeles.

MomsLA's guide to fitness and health in Los Angeles (The wisdom tree in Los Angeles).

Where to do Mindfulness Meditation in Los Angeles

If you’re interested in Mindfulness Meditation, there are many places in Los Angeles to get started. You’ll find classes and workshops all over LA.

Where to take a mindfulness meditation class in Los Angeles. #mindfulness #meditation

The Best Mommy and Me Workouts in Los Angeles

Want to workout, but need to take baby along with you? Here is our list of great Mommy and Me workouts in the LA area.

Zooga Yoga is one of the fun places to work out with your baby in Los Angeles

The Best Gyms in Los Angeles for Moms

Are you looking for a fun place to work out where you’ll feel comfortable and encouraged? Here is our list of some fun places to work out for mom.


The 7 Best Workout Apps for Moms

You may want to go to the gym, but just can’t make it out the door because of work schedule, kids or maybe you just don’t want to go out. No worries. These great apps help you work out at home at your own pace. Only have 7 minutes? There’s a workout for that. Only want to do upper body? It’s there. Check out list of great workout apps that are great for moms.

Best Stroller Walks in Los Angeles

One of the perks of living in Los Angeles is the excellent weather. Parents can be outdoors most of the year. Here are the best places to take your kids for walk in the stroller in LA.

The strand in Santa Monica is a great place to walk your stroller.

Where to Meet Other Moms In and Around Los Angeles

Let’s face it; LA can be a strange and lonely place. But it is possible to meet other moms and make new friends at this stage of life. Here are some great ideas on how to meet moms in LA.

10 of the Best Books to Help You Get Organized in the New Year

Is one of your resolutions to get organized in the new year? Here are some great books to help you get and stay organized.

Office Makeover by The Happy Space

Do you need your own personal organizer in Los Angeles? Yvonne had her office organized by The Happy Space Company. Starting the new year in an organized space has helped her start the year off right.

Happy Space Company office makeover

The Better Nutrition Program for Weight Loss and Healthy Living

Find out how working with Ashley Koff impacted Yvonne and Sarah’s health and fitness.

Yvonne Condes and Sarah Auerswald at Homeboy Industries during their Made-in-LA Holiday Shopping trip. #losangeles #shopping #madeinla
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