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New Year’s Resolution: See Body Worlds: Pulse at the California Science Center

body worlds pulse image of obesity

Body Worlds: Pulse is in its final weeks at the California Science Center, and seeing it may just help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions.

Here’s the article about Body Worlds: Pulse we published last Summer – with information about whether it’s appropriate for children under 12.

I know it will help me stay on track to a healthier lifestyle, because there are images from the exhibit I can’t get out of my head – images of the human body and how our diet and lifestyle can affect us.

Body Worlds: Pulse Poker Players at the California Science Center. #LosAngeles #science

Body Worlds: Pulse Poker Players

The exhibit is an incredible visual illustration of things many of us understand about our body from our biology classes, but there’s nothing like seeing it in the flesh – or in this case, in the “plastination.” It makes it all very real.

The consequences of poor diet and exercise were on display in the exhibit, contrasted with the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, in the section regarding obesity. I’ve been fighting to lose some extra weight for the past few months, and this made me want to get my body moving and work at a stand-up desk. Immediately. And cut out all sugar and fat!

Body Worlds: Pulse image of obesity at the California Science Center. #LosAngeles #science

Slim vs. Obese images of bodies showing the fat deposits in an obese person

I’ve never been a smoker, which means I don’t have anything I need to give up after seeing the Smoker’s Lungs on display. It was quite sobering to see the damage that can be done by falling victim to this addiction.

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On the positive side, the exhibit shows bodies in motion and in positions to show off how our muscles work. It’s really quite mesmerizing to see.

I was especially interested in seeing the development of the fetus and how it fits inside a woman’s body – so cramped! There is also a display of sexual intercourse that is truly fascinating. You think you know how something works, from personal experience, but you can always learn something new, I guess.

I highly recommend seeing Body Worlds: Pulse at the California Science Center before it closes on February 4th. Here’s to a healthier 2018!

Body Worlds: Pulse Hockey Players at the California Science Center. #LosAngeles #science

Body Worlds: Pulse Hockey Players in action

Body Worlds: Pulse at the California Science Center. #LosAngeles #science Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of She was given media passes to the exhibit in order to write this review.



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