Nintendo 3DS and Kirby Planet Robobot Review

Kirby Planet Robobot

Kirby Planet Robobot

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“Where is Kirby?” That’s the question my younger son has asked me every day for a week and a half. I went to an event with Nintendo for the release of the new game Kirby Planet Robobot. We finally received the game and device from Nintendo to review and now all he talks about is playing Kirby.

I asked my 10-year-old son what it is about Kirby that he likes so much and if he would recommend it other children.

Yvonne: Tell me about Kirby Robobot.
Son: It’s a combination of robot Kirby and original Kirby.

Yvonne: Who is Kirby?
Son: Kirby is a pink ball that can suck people into him and absorb their powers.

Yvonne: What happens in the Kirby Robobot game?
Son: This company comes and tries to take over Kirby’s star world and he tries to defend it. He uses his robot armor and his special sucking power to defeat Mr. Haltman, who is the leader.

In the first level, you fight the robot and then take the robot’s armor. The armor gives you ability to use swords, fire or wheels. After the first level you go to different regions where you find enemies that give you powers. And then you basically destroy the legs of the robot and go into the giant robot body.

Yvonne: What do you learn in this game?
Son: That there are multiple outcomes and not every outcome is a good one.

Yvonne: Why do you like it?
Son: I like it because there are different modes such as 3d block battles and team Kirby battles, which are when you team up with other Kirbys. You are pink Kirby and there are yellow, blue and green Kirby. There are four classes – sword master, beammage (it shoots stars) hammer and doctor.

Yvonne: Would you recommend this game to other people?
Son: Yes, for both older kids and younger kids, but you need a 3DS to play it.

Yvonne: Would you recommend the 3DS?
Son: Yes, it’s very fast and doesn’t lag. I like how you can change the depth of the background and the characters in the 3D feature or turn it off.

Kirby Robobot and Nintendo 3DS

There you have it. The thing that I like about the Nintendo 3DS and Kirby is that it’s a sweet game and the 3DS is easy to take along on our summer road trips. For information on the game, visit Kirby Planet Robobot.

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