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Our 5 Favorite Deodorants

I have to admit something. I’ve been kind of obsessed with sweat lately. Why, you ask? Well, I have two boys who are at the age where they really need deodorant and I work out a lot; get all of us in a car together on a hot day and it’s not pleasant. So I began my quest for the perfect deodorant or antiperspirant for each of us. There are seven different brands of deodorant  in my house right now, but we have about a dozen sticks (and spray) deodorants.  Some of them I bought and some were given to me, but my boys or I have tried them all. Here are the deodorants and anti-perspirants that came out on top.

1) Native Deodorant

native deodorant


I love Native because it works incredibly well, but doesn’t contain any of the harsh chemicals that certain antiperspirants contain. For instance, antiperspirants contain aluminum, while Native is aluminum and paraben-free. In fact, Native is made with only natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and probiotics.

Native goes on smooth and feels really clean. I use Native Unscented, but Native actually comes in four other scents too, like Coconut & Vanilla and Lavender & Rose. It works well during strenuous winter workouts, doesn’t feel sticky and I doesn’t leave any residue on my clothes. Don’t want to take my word for it? Check out the thousands of fantastic reviews they have.


EDITORS NOTE: The folks at Native Deodorant are offering readers 10% off any purchase over $15. Use coupon code MOM10

2) Dove

Dove Clean+Care Deodorant

The Clean Comfort Dove Men+Care smells clean, just like promised, and does the job. It’s an antiperspirant that does contain aluminum and some parents like to stay away from aluminum so keep that in mind. It works well on hot days. We switched to this one because the snell of some other men’s antiperspirants were too overpowering.

3) Kiss My Face


Honestly, I mostly like this one because of the cucumber green tea scent. It’s a little greasy, but it feels nice and I didn’t notice any residue on my clothes. It’s vegan friendly and aluminum chlorohydrate and paraben free. It’s good to use on a day when I’m doing yoga or on a walk.

4) Tom’s of Maine®


I was surprised that Tom’s had an antiperspirant. It’s said to contain sustainably sourced aluminum (which is still aluminum, but recycled aluminum if that matters to you) and is free of petrochemicals and artificial fragrances. It’s part of Target’s Made to Matter Collection and smells so good, like a mild Irish Spring soap. As far as its effectiveness, it works well.

5) Degree


Degree MotionSense in Shower Clean is the antiperspirant I use when I’m going to the gym or on a run with other people. I’ve tried a lot of antiperspirants and this one smells clean and works the best. It goes on smooth and I’ve never noticed it on my clothes. I am a sweaty mess when I work out and I don’t want to offend anyone and I think (I hope) that Degree does a great job of keeping me smelling good.

This post is in partnership with Native, a brand we love.  All opinions are our own.

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