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The Pablove Foundation: Fighting Childhood Cancer With Love

The Pablove Foundation

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The Pablove Foundation

Who They Are:

The Pablove Foundation was founded in 2009 by Jo Ann Thrailkill, Jeff Castelaz, and Grady Gallagher in honor of their son and brother, Pablo Castelaz Thrailkill. Pablo lost his life, days after his sixth birthday, to a rare form of childhood cancer. The mission of the  Pablove Foundation is to “invest in underfunded, cutting edge pediatric cancer research” and “improve the lives of children living with cancer through the arts.”

An Overview of What They Do:

The Pablove Foundation teaches photography to children (ages 6-18) through an eight-week program. Participating students “learn to express themselves, exercise their independence, and practice new ways of seeing – all while having fun!” Children learn fundamental photography concepts including perspective, light and shadow, and storytelling through group classes, individual instruction, and field trips. There is no cost for families to participate in this special program. The children’s prints are then sold online, with proceeds directly helping to fund childhood cancer research. In addition to serving Los Angeles, there are also programs in other cities in the United States, and 1,000 students have been reached since 2011. In addition, since 2010 Pablove has “awarded $1,900,000 in Childhood Cancer Research Grants to nineteen institutions worldwide.”

How Families Can Help:

There are many ways for families to help the Pablove Foundation continue its important work. A simple way to assist Pablove is by registering your Ralph’s Rewards Card. Every time families shop at their local Ralphs, a portion of their purchase will be donated to the Pablove Foundation.

Donations can also be made online at any time, as either a one-time gift or a monthly gift.

In addition, families can support Pablove’s special programs by purchasing a Pablove Shutterbug Print from the online store. You’ll find a wide-range of subject matter represented in these incredibly beautiful prints. 100% of the proceeds directly fund Pablove’s childhood cancer research grants. (More than $2.2 million dollars has been awarded in Childhood Cancer Research Grants to 20 institutions around the world).



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