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Plan Check: New Kids’ Menu + Just Terrific Food

fried chicken with okra

Plan Check, a local restaurant chain opening their 3rd & 4th outlets soon in Downtown LA and Pasadena, has just launched their new Kids’ Menu to much fanfare – and it’s worth all the hype. This food is terrific, whether it was intended for kids or not.

kids' menu Plan Check

The kids’ menu is not a collection of food items parents would never eat. No, this is a re-working of their Adult Menu with a nod to the kids. In other words, the whole family can be happy here. And yes, that means they do have a bar, complete with Craft Beers.

plan check burger collageThe burger they’re famous for, the Plan Check Burger (PCB), is normally dressed with something called dashi cheese, which they either tone down or leave off the kids’ version. And we still loved it. There’s also a burger with the bacon hanging out every side. And it was, of course, delicious. Um, Bacon.

chicken skewers

Their chicken skewers  have bacon, too, which helps the deliciousness, but the chicken itself was amazing: not dried out and tasteless. I wondered if there might be a little teriyaki marinade happening… So good. And they make a fried chicken with milk gravy that makes you happy to work out more just so you can eat it.

fried chicken with okra

Everything at Plan Check is house made except the hamburger buns – and those are made locally from a recipe created at Plan Check. There are about 6 varieties of pickles, plus the coolest condiment I have ever seen: Ketchup Leather. Yes, imagine fruit leather and then insert ketchup instead. Delicious.

As for food allergies and accommodations, the burgers can be served protein-style, with a lettuce wrapper, upon request, and the aforementioned chicken skewers are already gluten-free on their own. And because this is 2014 Los Angeles, there’s also a Kale Salad.

kids' menu at Plan Check

Kids' Menu at Plan Check Launch Party

My family was treated to a tasting at the Sawtelle location and we can’t wait to head back over for more. Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of



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