Power Rangers Movie Review

Power rangers

The Power Rangers are back and, by the end of the movie, are finally “morphin” like they should be, saving the world from destruction, at least until the sequel comes out.

Power rangers

The movie has some good things going for it, and if you’re like my 14-year-old son, you’ll come away liking it a lot, but I had a slightly different opinion. While I enjoyed the scenes when the teenagers are actual teenagers, the parts of the film where they are metal-clad super heroes was not that interesting to me, and overall I was a little bored, quite frankly.

The actors playing the teens do a great job, and there are some really funny moments in the script. I especially liked how the characters had to come together as friends before they gained the ability to “morph.” It was a great idea and I feel it totally worked for the story. Elizabeth Banks plays an occasionally truly frightening and often quite funny villain, and a representation of Brian Cranston’s face is also part of the cast.

Power Rangers

There were a few gaping holes in the plot, however, which is never a good sign to me. We may never know if the script was actually written that way, or they ended up cutting the scenes that tied it all together in the editing room. Either way, it seemed sloppy to me.

I did like the direction and camera work. There are some very creative shots and I thought it showed a nice sense of the medium.

I suppose if you were a fan of the TV series from way back, you will enjoy the movie and the way they’ve updated the franchise. However, I don’t think the film is for everyone, especially young kids who may be sensitive to violence. I was present at a screening where some kids were very frightened by some overly-realistic violence in the opening scenes.

Power Rangers is rated PG-13. It opens in theaters March 24th.



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