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The Price is Right: Ultimate Baby Shower

Esther with Drew Carrey on Price is Right

I was recently invited to attend a taping of The Price is Right for their Ultimate Baby Shower and it was the coolest experience as a new mom and long time viewer of the show. From start to finish, the team that invited me to join the show really took care of every detail: I had my own parking spot; price name tag; the most lovely tour of the set; and the behind the scenes action. After the show was over I had the pleasure of meeting with show Host Drew Carey and Executive Producer Mike Richards. Both of whom were incredibly sweet, funny and down-to-earth. Meeting those two men and being a part of this taping process was a total dream come true!

Experiencing a live taping was extraordinary. There was a DJ in the back playing fun, upbeat club music that hypes up the audience. There were hopeful couples sitting the audience in matching shirts all waiting with anticipation to hear their names called. And there was just a really FUN and supportive energy as everyone clapped and screamed with excitement as couples were called down to the front. I screamed and jumped up and down with joy and gave high fives to all the couples who ran down my side of the aisle.

I won’t spoil any surprises, but the prizes, the couples who win, and the end of the show will leave you jumping up and down in shock and delight. Every single prize or item or take home gift was top of the line and something that I had loved using myself or wished I had. Being there and watching all the cool items roll out, I was jealous I wasn’t a contestant myself!

Overall it is obvious that this show is carefully planned and executed – from the details of the gifts to the contestants that are chosen. Below are some fun insider details that I learned from being a guest on the show:

  • During commercial breaks Drew speaks to the crowd and does a little stand-up comedy.
  • There is an announcer who sits in a booth near above the audience area named George Gray. He is a really fun personality that jokes with Drew during commercial breaks that help keep things light and fun.
  • Every detail of the show and the way the audience looks is perfectly planned and curated.
  • The prizes and items given out on the show were hand-picked by Mike Richardson. With his experience as a dad of two little ones, he chose all the items that he and his family had used and found useful. (SO COOL!)
  • There is someone from staff who interviews all possible contestants before the show begins. He has this gift of being able to know within 20-30 seconds who will be right for the show and whose names to call.
  • The team that has worked on this show is incredibly friendly, hard-working, and professional. Production was like a smooth machine that had so many moving parts but still kept everything easy to watch and be a part of as an audience member.

The Price is Right: Ultimate Baby Shower episode is set to air on April 21, 2017. I cannot WAIT for you to watch it and see all the incredibly fun and electric things that happen; all the prizes that are won; and all the insanely fun winnings! Set your DVRs for April 21, 2017 at 11:00am on CBS.



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