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Raccoon Rumpus, a Preschool Game from Educational Insights

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Raccoon Rumpus Card Setup
Raccoon Rumpus Card Setup

Once again, Educational Insights has provided my family with a game that we fell in love with the moment we opened the box. Raccoon Rumpus is a game for children ages 3+, and can be played with 2–4 players. The game is designed to teach children about costumes, colors, shapes, matching, and memory. And in my opinion, it does exactly that!

The Raccoon Rumpus Game Includes

  • 4 Raccoon Cards
  • 20 Costume Cards
  • 1 Jumbo Color Die
  • 1 Jumbo Costume Die

As soon as we opened the Raccoon Rumpus box I saw that the instructions are printed on the inside of the top lid. I always worry with other games that we are going to lose the paper instructions so I find this to be a really nice feature.

As soon as my 4-year-old twin boys saw the raccoon character cards they got a huge kick out of the fact that the raccoon is only wearing underwear! Even after playing the game for a week, they still tend to giggle when we open the box. I also love that the Raccoon Rumpus character cards are colorful and that each one of them portrays a different career. There were a few careers that the boys have never seen, so it was fun to introduce and explain the new ones to them.

To set up the Raccoon Rumpus game, place the 20 costume cards face up in the center of a flat surface. We like to play on our kitchen table, but the floor would also work out fine! I found that setting up my cards in 5 rows of 4 made it easy for the kids to see all of the cards. Once we had our character cards set up, and each player was given a raccoon card, we began playing the game with the youngest player going first.

Playing Raccoon Rumpus!
Playing Raccoon Rumpus!

How to Play Raccoon Rumpus

  • Roll both dice.
  • Pick up a costume card that matches both dice and place it on your raccoon player card. Example: If you roll a “red” and “pants” then you have to find a character card that has a pair of “red pants”. If you roll a “rainbow” you can pick up any costume card that you want! If you roll a pair of underwear then you lose all of your cards and have to start over.
  • Whoever gets 5 costume cards first wins the game!

The rules of Raccoon Rumpus are pretty simple making it easy for young players to understand. My boys got the hang of it on their first roll. They are always bummed when they roll the jumbo costume die and see the underwear because they know they are losing their cards. But, they always seem to giggle a little when they see the picture of the underwear so that usually makes it all better.

There is also a bonus game listed on the inside of the box called Costume Memory. This could be for younger players who would like a new way to play Raccoon Rumpus, or for older players who would like a challenge. To set up the bonus game we placed all of the costume cards face down. Each player used one raccoon card and only the jumbo color die.

Raccoon Rumpus Bonus Game Setup
Raccoon Rumpus Bonus Game Setup

How to Play the Raccoon Rumpus Bonus Game

  • Roll the Color Die.
  • Flip over a costume card. If the top or bottoms match the color on the die, then keep the costume card by placing it onto your raccoon player card. If neither the top nor bottom matches the die, then the player turns the card over face down, and the play continues to the next player.
  • Roll a rainbow and take any costume card you would like.
  • Play continues until all of the costume cards have been correctly matched and placed on a raccoon player card.
  • Whoever gets the most costume cards wins!

My boys love to play both versions of the game. Raccoon Rumpus is another household favorite that has helped my boys with their colors, shapes, memory and matching skills, and career recognition. I would definitely recommend this game!

Why We Love Raccoon Rumpus

  • The instructions are printed right on the inside of the box.
  • The character cards are colorful and each portrays a different career.
  • The jumbo dice are great for little hands.
  • The raccoon player cards are adorable with their little pop-out heads and underwear attire.
  • The game offers a bonus game for a challenge or a new way to play.

Where to Find Raccoon Rumpus

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Monday 23rd of September 2013

We like to play "hide the pig" where we take turns hiding a little pig and giving clues for others to find it. Good fun indoors or out!


Wednesday 18th of September 2013

My oldest is 3 and so the only game we have right now is candyland and she loves looking at all the different yummy desserts and finding the colors!


Wednesday 11th of September 2013

Headbands :-)

Mindy DeLisi

Tuesday 10th of September 2013

Candyland or Memory is on top of the lists to play!

Beth Kukorlo

Tuesday 10th of September 2013

We love playing candy land

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.