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Rachel Maddow is My Husband’s Freebie & My Kids are OK With That

Rachel Maddow -- NBC Universal Photo: Virginia Sherwood

Rachel Maddow is an amazing journalist and broadcaster, and I have the utmost respect for her. In this political season, hers is a voice of reason in the midst of silly chaos swirling around us all.

And my husband is sweet on her.

Rachel Maddow -- NBC Universal Photo: Virginia Sherwood

Rachel Maddow — NBC Universal Photo: Virginia Sherwood

He’s been watching her show basically nonstop since the Republican primaries began, to watch their drama unfold and to see what would happen (and who could have predicted what did?) – and I have it on good authority that he’s got a big ‘ole crush on her.

(It’s my authority.)

I’m an expert on my husband, after 23 years with the man, and I feel safe saying he thinks she’s all that.

And the thing is, my kids are OK with it.

“She’d make a good stepmom,” they say. “We’re cool with her.”

Of course, everyone in my family is well aware that Ms. Maddow is gay, and thank god, I say. She’s smart, gorgeous, has her own TV show – and can slay dragons with that tongue of hers. Heaven help me if she were straight!

So I approve of this crush, and she can absolutely be husband’s Freebie, as long as I still get Clooney as mine.

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