Ralph Breaks the Internet Review

First, let me start with this – Ralph Breaks the Internet is very entertaining. It’s exciting, full of good jokes and it’s visually gorgeous. It’s about Wreck-it Ralph’s journey to save Venellope’s game. But, like the Ralph directors other Disney movie, Zootopia, Ralph is about so much more.

The movie starts with Ralph reflecting on his awesome life. He has a good job, a best friend and he takes joy in everything being the same. His buddy Venellope is bored. She sees her life as monotonous – everything always stays the same. Until Ralph tries to shake things up and they end up on a grand adventure on the internet.

The world that directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston created is just like I always imagined the internet would be. There’s a smart little man named KnowsMore answering all of your search questions and telling you where to go.

There’s a smart, super-cool woman named Yesss (Taraji P. Henson) as the algorithm that decides what will go viral.

And there’s a two-headed monster named Double Dan (Alfred Molina) that lives underneath the city and rules the Dark Web.

While Ralph is overwhelmed by the Internet and just wants to do what they have to do and go home, Venellope is in her element. She’s growing up and wants more out of life. She finds what she never knew she wanted when she meets the super tough, Shank (Gal Gadot) who leads a gang in the racing game Slaughter Race. Her world is gritty and dangerous and Venellope loves it.

The internet of Ralph Breaks the Internet shows us how exciting and cruel that world can be. Ralph gets sucked in by J.P. Spamley in an effort to make money to help Venellope. The easiest way to make money and help his friend is to go viral.

Everything is going great until he steps into horrible room of user comments. Yesss tells Ralph that he it isn’t about him, but that’s a hard lesson to learn.

Meanwhile, Venellope is making friends. And they’re princesses!

Venellope even gets her own Princess song and it’s wonderful.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is about change – our changing world and our changing family. Everyone has to grow up and move on someday. Kids go to college, friends move away. And in Ralph, Venellope has to find her own way.

It sounds heavy, but that’s what makes it so good. It will entertain families while making them think and giving them a lot to talk about after the movie is over.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is in theaters everywhere.



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